Martta Ylilauri

Project Manager

MSc (Agriculture and Forestry), Lic.Sc. (Admin.)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab
+358 29 449 8241
Yliopistonranta 10, 65200 Vaasa
Fabriikki F453

Martta Ylilauri is a Project Manager in InnoLab at the University of Vaasa.

Current projects are related to utilizing natural and rural environments and elements for promoting health and well-being (so called Green Care). Project work consists of testing and evaluating Green Care service models conducted with different client groups, studies on the opportunities and challenges of the nature based services as well as enhancing communication in the field.

Currently, Martta Ylilauri is contributing to following projects in InnoLab:

Nordic NaBS: New Nordic Nature Based Service Models

Nordic Nature Health Hub

LuoNa – Natural Support for Life

Areas of expertise

Nature based service models (Green Care), rural and regional development (projects, regional cooperation groups and programs, strategic planning), environmental and social impact assessment, administrative decision-making mechanisms (Environmental Protection Act and EIA Act).

Teaching and courses

Grundkurs i Green Care (2018)

Utbildningsmodul inom naturbaserad vård och pedagogik (2016-2017)

Martta Ylilauri is developing the first joint Nordic course in Nature and health promotion together with colleagues in Finland and Sweden.

Open webinars

Study on the opportunities and challenges of the Nature based services, Part I and II, 24.2.2020

Care Farming in the Netherlands -open webinar 7.11.2019

Nordic Care Farming -open webinar 28.8.2019

Research and networks

Current research topics concern potential and effectiveness of nature based services. Martta Ylilauri took the initiative to establish the national Green Care research network and coordinated the network co-operations 2016-2019.

Martta Ylilauri represented Finland as a panelist Nordic research conference in Green Care and Nature-based interventions in Kristiansand, Norway (11/2017):

Abstracts and presentations

  • New Nordic Nature based service Models –workshop 8.10.2019, Mo i Rana, Norja
  • National Green Care conference in Finland, chairman 12.-13.9.2019, Kokkola
  • National Green Care research conference and publication of research group symposium 6.5.2019, Vaasa
  • Luonnosta hyvinvointia- seminar 2.4.2019, Oulu
  • Strategy day of ELY Centre for Ostrobothnia 29.3.2019, Kokkola
  • Voimaa ja hoivaa Pohjanmaan luonnosta– seminar 8.3.2019, Vaasa
  • National Green Care –research network meeting 30.10.2018, Vuokatti
  • National Rural research conference 30.8.2018, Mikkeli
  • Finnish Conference of Administrative Studies 26.11.2014, Vaasa
  • National Green Care conference in Finland 18.9.2014, Kuortane
  • National Rural research conference 28.8.2014, Pieksämäki
  • National conference for social psychiatrical associations in Finland 12.10.2017, Vaasa


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Ylilauri (2018): Affärsverksamhet och kompetens. In Lena Enlund (toim.) Naturbaserad vård och pedagogik. Utbildningsprojekt inom Green Care. Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu.

Ylilauri & Yli-Viikari: Luonnosta tukea hyvinvointipalveluille. Ympäristö ja Terveys 6/2017.

Joensuu, Ylilauri, Kailasto, Nuutila, & Ola (2001): Ympäristöstrategian valintamenetelmä yrityksille, Helsingin yliopisto, Taloustieteen laitos, Julkaisuja nro 29, Ympäristöekonomia.

Background and experience

Martta Ylilauri has over 10 years of experience in State environmental administration in environmental and social impact assessment of regional projects and development activities. She has also executed several educational, research and development projects related to sustainable entrepreneurship, environmental impact assessment, nature based services (Green Care) and rural development.

  • a member of the Regional Cooperation Committee´s secretariat and project sub-committee in South Ostrobothnia (2001-2004)
  • a member of West Finland´s Environmental strategy group (2001-2007)
  • a member of enacting legistlative preparation group of the Ministry of the Environment in Finland (2012-2013) as a representative of Regional State Administrative Agencies in Finland

She has served as a member of several provincial and regional cooperation groups, as well as expert working groups set by the Ministry of the Environment. Ylilauri has previously been the coordinator of international EU projects in the field of environment protection at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and as a project scientist for environmental projects of the Union of Finnish Technical Trade.

Publications and expert tasks

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