Come work in a thriving region

The University of Vaasa is located at the heart of Northern Europe’s largest energy and environment business cluster.


At the forefront of flourishing urban regions

Vaasa enjoys a position at the forefront of flourishing urban regions. And no wonder: we have Finland's largest hub of energy companies and plenty of jobs, six higher education units, the sea, and people who have been proven to be happy and energetic. Things are going swimmingly here.

Vaasa is a coastal city with almost 70,000 inhabitants, and it is the energy capital of Finland. Vaasa also looks like a real city, not least due to its grid plan and beautiful historic buildings. The city centre parks, small and large, and the rocky archipelago give the coastal town a unique atmosphere. Vaasa enjoys the salty sea air, a youthful sound, an international appearance and an energetic vitality.

The Vaasa region has a long history of greeting the world with an open mind. Finnish-speakers make up 59% of the population, Swedish-speakers account for 36%, and the remaining 5% speak languages from all over the world. You can also get by with one language.

Uncomplicated life

Life in Vaasa is hassle-free. Commutes are short, and you will not waste your time sitting in traffic jams. Vaasa is a compact city, so cycling routes are short. It is not necessary to own a car in Vaasa, as the comprehensive public transport network, which includes new buses running on natural gas, operates from morning to evening.

Vaasa has good transport links: you can get here by aeroplane, train, coach, ferry or car. Helsinki is three hours by train from Vaasa, and flights operate to the capital and further afield. There is also a ferry service to Umeå.

Happy people in Vaasa

  • Employment rate among the best in the country for 10 years now
  • High income level and inexpensive housing—money is left over for living life to the full
  • Get to work quickly, reach the world easily
  • The Kvarken Archipelago is Finland's first and only natural heritage site classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • One of Finland's most international regions

High quality of life


It is easy and interesting to spend free time in the Vaasa region. There are activities almost everywhere, whatever you plan to do.

Vaasa has all of the big city shops, cafes and restaurants. Major investments are made in comfort and entertainment: there are cultural, sporting and leisure offerings for everyone in every season. For more information about things to do in Vaasa, see

Nature is close at hand, whether you live right in the centre of the city or nearby. Wherever you go you will find yourself near the sea. Did you know that Vaasa has more than 400 kilometres of coastline?

Homes for everyone

Although the Vaasa region is home to more than 110,000 people, houses are spread far and wide, so it rarely feels crowded. Perhaps one reason Vaasa's residents are so happy is that life here is easy and high in quality. The Vaasa region has a lot to offer, whether you value the urban hustle and bustle or a life in touch with nature.

Vaasa is an affordable place. The average price per square metre of residential space is less than EUR 2,000. In the Vaasa region, you will be left with more money to live your life.