Dissertation: A dynamic business model for high-tech industry in a global environment

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Jari Koskinen’s doctoral thesis presents a new view of firms’ dynamic capabilities and flexibility operations, introducing a new business model called the dynamic business model (DBM). Field of the study is industrial management.
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– The new model will help firms to create more effective management systems and operational processes in order to better serve their customers, Koskinen explains.

In recent years numerous events have had a huge impact on the way people conduct business. Some of these events have even resulted in a global economic crisis. This state of affairs has led to an uncertain and challenging business environment and has affected the management of businesses throughout the world.

– Effective management and business models in the global market place of the twenty-first century have become more and more crucial, explains Koskinen, who is in the top management position in Vacon.

The research supports the view that those companies that can quickly react to their changing surroundings will become successful than their competitors.

Research shows that a number of key factors, including entrepreneurial strategy, R&D to market performance, dynamic operational excellence, and intellectual capital with decentralized decision-making processes are critical for high technology companies.

The public examination of Jari Koskinen’s doctoral dissertation ”A Dynamic Business Model for High-Tech Industry in a Global Environment - The Origin of Operational Patterns by Means of Social Selection” is on Monday 17 February at 12 o´clock in auditorium Kurtén (Tervahovi). Professor Joanna Paliszkiewicz (Warsaw University of Life Science) will act as an opponent and professor Josu Takala as a custos.

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