Élise Lengliné

"I am really satisfied with my learning and I will feel more confident working in the field I am interested in after my studies."
Élise Lengliné

After an Erasmus at the University of Vaasa, where I have had an incredible year, I knew that the University of Vaasa was the place where I should apply to do a Master’s degree. The University has a beautiful campus where I felt at home. The campus is great to gather with friends, having lunch at the cafeteria or studying in the beautiful and unique library. Also, the library has a café having a warm beverage with friends or also being outside to enjoy the campus through the four seasons. These little moments are essential in student life, and I know the University of Vaasa was the place to be.

In one word I would describe my Master’s programme as flexible. The study counsellors are helping us to adapt the Master to us and our life. In other words, if a student is looking to do exchange studies, there are opportunities to go. Otherwise, if students are looking to gain professional experience and do an internship during their studies the University of Vaasa is also supportive of that project. As well as if students want to take their time to study, this is also listened.

I would also say that when I applied for the Master’s degree I was thinking about the diploma and what I could learn from the lectures. I am really satisfied with my learning and I will feel more confident working in the field I am interested in after my studies. Also, I would add that the students around me have been truly kind and supportive, we have been able to bond even though we have met mostly online, and we are looking forward to meeting in real life.  Vaasa is a great place for students. The size of the city allows us to bike or walk through Vaasa easily, which brings people together. Therefore, we are becoming a community and we share memories with all the time spent together.

The University of Vaasa has a diversity of student organizations and you would certainly find one that fit your leisure. For instance, Erasmus and exchange students are often part of ESN to travel and discover Finland with an international team. VES would be for people interested in entrepreneurship. Overall student organizations are gathering students in order to make our student lives memorable.

In Vaasa, as Finland was new for me, I have learned how to skate on the ice and downhill skiing, enjoying the snow in winter. In autumn and spring, the sunsets are gorgeous and when we are lucky enough, we can look for northern lights. Moreover, we can watch hockey games and enjoy coffees places. Summers in Vaasa are surprisingly warm and you can enjoy sunbathing, beach volleyball, hiking or picking berries in the forest.