VEBIC - Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre

VEBIC is a multidisciplinary research and innovation platform at the University of Vaasa responding to the local, national and global needs of efficient energy business and sustainable development goals. By combining a unique set of resources: top-level researchers, versatile infrastructure, business community know-how, support from international networks and government involvement, VEBIC joins forces with its stakeholders to achieve a broader business and societal impact at all pertinent levels.

Focus areas

VEBIC's work is organised in two interacting research programmes, three research laboratories and one educational laboratory. Research Programme 1 focuses on Future Resilient Energy Systems, whereas Research Programme 2 focuses on Energy Transition Management. VEBIC laboratories enable innovative research and testing activities related to combustion engines, future fuels, and integration of future reliable electrical and energy systems.


Key functions:

  • to engage and connect stakeholders,
  • to enforce networks and cooperation in relevant fields in Vaasa, Finland and  the EU area
  • to facilitate, coordinate and manage internal and external multidisciplinary R&D and innovations
  • to provide academic services that link academia and companies with focus on RDI activities, networking, academic and business support and infrastructure development
  • to valorise science