Matched funding scheme 2020-2022

The Finnish Government will capitalise Finnish universities in 2020–2022 thanks to a one-off contribution of EUR 100 million allocated by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Based on research impact criteria, EUR 33 million will be allocated to the Finnish universities in autumn 2020 and, based on fundraising that entitles the universities to receive matched funding from the Finnish Government, EUR 67 million will be allocated in autumn 2022.

Each donated euro may yield up to 2.5 euros of matched funding as long as the donation follows the rules of the campaign.

The donations will be allocated in accordance with the sum or donor's wish either to a general fund supporting the university strategy and future or to a specific field of education. An individual donation of EUR 10,000 or more can be allocated to a field of education: economic science, technology or social science.

The matched funding investment from the state always becomes a part of the basic capital of the university. The university can only use the return of the matched funding investment. The donated sum itself can either be used as such or invested in a fund.

The university invests basic capital and receives an annual return on it. The returns are used to support projects that are directly linked to the strategy of the university.

Eligibility for matched funding

The following donations are NOT eligible for matched funding:

  • Donations from companies belonging to the university group, the university’s own funds or foundations associated with the university.
  • Donations from state-owned companies entrusted with special duties. However, donations from commercial state-owned companies are eligible for matched funding.
  • Donations from entities and foundations that have traditionally supported the operations of only one specific university.
  • Donations from municipalities and donations from companies and enterprises that are either directly or indirectly owned by municipalities.
  • Donations from entities that are mainly financed by public funds (e.g. universities of applied sciences) or bodies governed by public law with the right of taxation (e.g. parishes).
  • However, donations from student unions and student nations, as well as companies owned by them, are eligible for matched funding. The same applies to donations from chambers of commerce that are not entities financed by public funds.

Deed of donation

For donations of EUR 850 or more, we kindly ask that you also fill in and sign a deed of donation. The deed of donation defines the fields of education eligible for matched funding to which the donor can allocate a donation of EUR 10,000 EUR or more. In the message field, please add "matched funding" and the donor's contact information as well as the eventual allocation to a specific field of education.

Danske Bank: IBAN = FI43 8119 9710 0170 72, BIC: DABAFIHH
Beneficiary: The University of Vaasa
Message: Please write "matched funding", the eventual allocation to a specific field, and the donor’s name and contact information.


Return the signed deed of donation to the Univeristy of Vaasa, kirjaamo, PL 700, 65101 Vaasa / kirjaamo(a)

More information regarding donations

  • All information regarding donations (donor, amount, allocation) is public according to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999).
  • Information about donors will be added to the customer relationship management (CRM) database. The University of Vaasa will send the information about donations eligible for matched funding to the Ministry of Education and Culture in the autumn of 2022.
  • The donor can chose not to allow the publishing of their name or the amount of their donation in communication material produced by the university.
  • For all donations of 850 EUR or more, we need a signed deed of donation. The document ensures that your donation is processed in accordance with the tax deduction policies.