Corporate donations

How can I donate?

Bank transfer

You can make your donation to the bank account of the University of Vaasa IBAN FI43 8119 9710 0170 72

In the message field, please write "Donation" and the company name, address and VAT number. As a private person, please write your name and contact information (e.g. email address or phone number) and your social security number. 

Deed of donations

For donations of EUR 850 or more, we kindly ask that you fill in and sign a deed of donation.



Return the signed deed of donation to the University of Vaasa, kirjaamo, PL 700, 65101 Vaasa / kirjaamo(a)

Tax deduction right

Corporations and organisations

For companies and communities, donations of EUR 850–250,000 are tax deductible in Finland (does not apply to joint-stock companies nor limited partnerships). 

Money collection permit

The University of Vaasa permit ID is RA/2021/301.

Matched funding scheme 2020-2022

The Government of Finland has decided to support Finnish universities with state matched funding between 15 June 2020 and 30 June 2022. The Finnish Government will provide Finnish universities with capitalisation in 2020–2022 thanks to a one-off contribution of EUR 100 million allocated by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Each donated euro may yield up to 2.5 euros as long as the donation follows the rules of the campaign. The matched funding investment based on private donations always becomes part of the basic capital of the university.

For a donation to be eligible for capitalisation, it must be allocated to the university’s activities in general without restrictive terms concerning the use of the donation. The Government determines whether a donation received by the university qualifies for matched funding.