Admission criteria in the autumn rolling admission

The autumn rolling admission concerns the Master's Programme in Industrial Management. The students apply through a separate application for the rolling admission at the University of Vaasa. The rolling admission period for studies starting in spring 2024 is between 16 August at 8.00 (UTC+3) – 18 September 2023 at 15.00 (UTC+3).

Only courses that have been obtained and are visible on the transcript of records submitted with the application will be considered when evaluating the applicant’s educational background. University of Vaasa reserves the right to decide whether a degree and/or university meet our requirements or not.

University of Vaasa does not evaluate the relevance of the applicant’s educational background in advance. The evaluation is only done during the processing of the applications with the application and enclosures at hand.

Admission criteria for the Master's Programme in Industrial Management

Approximately 30 students are accepted to the programme in the autumn rolling admission. 

Students are eligible for admission to the two-year Master’s Programme in Industrial Management if they have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate field. The degree must be from a university or a polytechnic located outside of Finland. The programme is open both for international and Finnish applicants who have a degree from outside of Finland. The programme leads to Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration.

The 30 first applicants to fulfil all requirements will be admitted. Applicants must fulfil all the following requirements:

1. Scope of the Degree

  • a 3-4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (or Master’s) in an appropriate field outside Finland.
  • The appropriate fields include e.g. business studies or technology.
  • Previous degree / studies must include courses in the business studies regardless the major subject in the degree.

2. Prior studies at bachelor level or higher in the core areas of the programme

3. Applicant’s performance (i.e. GPA) in previous studies, including the thesis or ‘final report’ (i.e. the final assignment students must complete in circumstances where a thesis is not used)

  • The overall grade (GPA) at least 3,0/5 (ECTS grading) for a Bachelor’s degree from a university, or equivalent in the systems not using the ECTS.

4. English language proficiency as instructed in admission criteria

Applicants that satisfy all the above criteria will be admitted in the order they apply until the intake is full. Applications are evaluated only after they are complete. If all the required enclosures are not submitted the applicant’s application will not be processed until the enclosures are submitted. The enclosures have to be submitted within one month of sending the application, otherwise the application will be rejected.

The accepted students may be required to complete supplementary studies (maximum 60 ECTS) to supplement the skills and knowledge acquired during their previous studies to the level required in the Master level studies.