Admission Results

All applicants are notified of the admission results by email. The results are sent to the email address given by the applicant in their application form. Please also check your junk email for admission results.


Congratulations on your study place!

Accepting the offered study place

To confirm the offered study place, you must accept the offer according to the instructions you receive to your e-mail. If you fail to accept the offer by the given deadline, your study place in the programme will be cancelled.

Please follow the link below to find information for new students.

Conditionally accepted students

If you are conditionally accepted to one of our international Master's programmes, you are required to finish your current degree and meet the admission criteria by the 31st of July, and send evidence of your Degree Certificate and the final Transcript of Records to the University (official translations as well, if necessary) by the 25th of August. If you fail to submit the documents to the University on time and/or you fail to meet the admission criteria (e.g. GPA or thesis grade requirements), your study place in the programme will be cancelled.

When graduated, submit the officially certified copies of your final educational documents to us. This is with a stamp, date and signature for example by the institution which issued the original document or a notary public. Copies certified as correct by two individuals not representing an official body are not accepted.


If you are dissatisfied with the admission results and you think that there has been a mistake in applying the admission criteria, please first familiarise yourself with the admission criteria of the programme in question. After that you may contact the Admission Services of the University of Vaasa, if needed. If the issue remains unclear, you may lodge a request for a rectification of the decision concerning admission.

Please follow the link below to find more information on submitting a request for rectification.