Hire an intern

We will support you financially when you hire a student for an internship.

If your organisation has a project that is lacking someone to work on it, an intern could be the solution. By hiring an intern, you will be able to benefit from the latest industry knowledge, new insights and ideas to improve your operations. At best, the intern will bring their experiences from the competences required at work to the development of the education.

The intern can, for example, carry out different kinds of surveys, polls or other activities that benefit your organisation. The intern’s duties should be such that the student can make use of the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies. The internship should also enable the student to learn new things.

Internships can often be the first step towards a longer-term employment relationship. Be sure to also remember our international talents who not only contribute their skills but also their cultural capital. A diverse and multicultural work community fosters creativity.

You can contact us at harjoittelu@uwasa.fi.

Tips for a successful internship

Before the internship

1. Plan suitable tasks for the intern and make sure that the intern has a supervisor. The internship should last at least three months, and the intern should be paid at least a minimum salary in accordance with Kela’s work requirement.

2. You can easily publish a call for applications on the JobTeaser platform.

3. You will select the most suitable applicant for the internship. The selected intern will contact the university’s career services to draw up an internship contract. 

4. The University of Vaasa will draw up the internship contract which will be signed by the employer, a representative of the university and the intern. For the internship contract, you will be asked to provide information about the internship place, contact person, supervisor, duration of the internship, salary and duties.

5. You will also draw up a standard employment contract with the intern. 

During the internship

Make sure that the intern receives an adequate induction to their tasks so that the experience is rewarding for both of you. The assigned supervisor will advise the intern on the duties, go over the intern’s goals as well as be available and talk to the intern regularly during the internship. During the internship, the employer will be bound by the normal obligations of the employer.

After the internship

The intern will receive a certificate of employment from the employer. If the internship is supported by the university, the employer will invoice the university for the amount indicated in the internship contract at the end of the internship.

Financial support for the internship

When you hire a student for an internship, you may be eligible for financial support from the university. The internship will be agreed in advance with the university, and the financial support will be paid to the employer at the end of the internship.

Conditions for receiving financial support

  • The internship lasts at least three months.
  • The intern receives at least the minimum salary in accordance with Kela’s work requirement for the entire duration of the internship (€1,399/month in 2024).
  • The internship takes place in Finland, and the employer is an organisation in the private, third or public sector.
  • For internships abroad, support may be granted if the employer is a Finnish public sector organisation.

Amount of financial support

The support usually amounts to €1,800 per internship. SMEs in the Vaasa region may be eligible for an increased amount of €3,600 per internship for the recruitment of an international student.