Acquiring the Doctoral Hat and Sword

In the Conferment Ceremony, the doctors are awarded the right to use their insignia, the hat and the sword. Every participant must acquire both for the ceremonies at their own expense or borrow them from a colleague.

Doctoral hat

We recommend ordering the hat as soon as possible, as delivery times may be long. The hats are custom-made according to individual measurements, and the university’s own golden emblem is attached to the velvet band of the hat. If you don’t have the chance to visit a hat store for measurements, contact them for more information on how to do the measuring yourself.

All fields of science at the University of Vaasa have the same kind of black hats. The special brimmed hats for technology are not used in our university.

You can also borrow a doctor’s hat from a colleague for the ceremonies. Please ensure that it’s black and has the emblem used in our university.

See contact details and prices of hat makers below. 

E.R. Wahlman 

Normal price is €745 (includes box).  You get a 10% discount if you order by 30 March 2024, and the price will be €670.

The delivery time is usually around four weeks, but it depends on the number of orders. It is longer in the spring because of several conferments. 

You can place your order in our store in Helsinki, Oulu or Tampere in Sokos Pukumies. Go to the Wahlam website for details.

When ordering, the head is measured, and the shape is checked with a measuring device.

Hattuateljee Memmu Lankila

The doctor's hat costs €649, including VAT, storage box and emblem. The hats are made entirely by hand in Finland, by a master craftsman.

If you order a hat in 2023, you will get a small discount, and the price will be €629.

Head size and shape can also be measured remotely. Ask for handy do-it-yourself measuring instructions by email. The finished hat can be sent by post.

See the Tohtorinhattu website for more information

Hattuhuone / modisti Anita Valo

The price of a hat in 2023 is €600. The price includes the hat, emblem, name label and storage box.

Measurements by agreement in Tampere, Kuninkaankatu.
Contact by e-mail or sms/call 040 555 4200

The delivery time is 1–6 months, depending on order quantity.

Go to the Hattuhuone website for more information.

Ab Melanders Hattfabrik Oy

The price of the hat is €699 (€563.71 without VAT).
The price includes the hat, university emblem, storage box, measurements and delivery.

The hats are measured using a formatter. We do measurements constantly all over Finland. 
For doctors abroad, we have a special simple measuring tool that allows the recipient to determine the shape of their head.

Our delivery time is about five weeks.

See the Melanders Hattfabrik website for more informationor email 


Tohtorinhatut Harvest EB

Hat price: €635 including emblem, storage box, name label, delivery, and VAT.
Delivery time is 5–8 weeks, express delivery under 4 weeks (extra cost)  

Please note: Measurement service Mode Midinetti in Vaasa, contact details and instructions on our website. Measurement service in Oulu, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku and Helsinki. The service fee for the measuring service varies from 25 to 35 euros and is paid separately directly to the shop.

Go to the Doctoral Hats website for more information or email  

Doctoral sword

The sword used at the ceremonies is Finland's official civilian sword. It comes with a scabbard and a black or golden holder. The university's golden symbol will also be on the sword. Your name and the date of the Conferment Ceremony are etched on the sword.

It is also possible to borrow the sword. However, it must be a civilian sword and have the symbol of our university.

See contact details and prices for sword deliverers below. 

Melanders Hattfabrik

Exclusive sale of original German WKC Solingen doctoral swords designed by Akseli Gallen-Kallela. Gold plating is genuine 24k gold. The price of the sword is €405 (€326.61 without VAT). The sword, scabbard, bracket loop, protective bag, engraving and delivery are included in the price.

See the Melanders Hattfabrik website for more information


The price of the sword for University of Vaasa doctors is €313. There are two delivery options, home delivery for an additional €20 or joint delivery to the university before the conferment at no cost. 

Go to the Au-Holmberg website and order.