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Are you our new colleague?

We are happy that you are considering joining our university. Why not take the opportunity to work in an internationally renowned and innovative community? Our talented and dedicated employees are the prerequisite for our success and research achievements.

Internationally renowned research university

Ranking results provide important information about the university´s strengths. The strengths of the University of Vaasa include the number of scientific publications, the number of citations to scientific articles (meaning the impact of publications) and international co-publications.The goal is also to obtain an international quality label for all the university's degree programmes in the future.

The University of Vaasa is ranked among the 500 best universities in the world in the international Times Higher Education ranking. In the subject-specific ranking the university is ranked 200-250 . 

Almost one-third of our academic staff comes from outside of Finland which makes the University of Vaasa one of the universities in Finland with the most international staff

We are a highly valued partner within regional and international innovation ecosystems. The University is located at the heart of Northern Europe’s largest energy and environmental business cluster. We advance the renewal of the energy sector and climate change prevention a core part of our daily work at our multidisciplinary research platforms.

We are active contributors both nationally and internationally to leading research and educational networks and partnerships. Members of our university community visit, develop and work in scientific communities and companies around the world during different phases of their careers. We also work responsibly towards the integration of international experts into Finnish society.

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Meaningful work in a thriving and diverse community

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The University of Vaasa is a diverse and inclusive work community, and our working culture is based on equality and non-discrimination.

We are committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly, regardless of gender, gender identity, disability, ethnic origin, language, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital or transgender status, age, nationality, or other personal characteristics.

We are a truly international community of 5000 students and nearly 600 staff members from 80 different countries. We work in a unique environment at our maritime campus, with state of the art research laboratories and teaching facilities,  located only a short walk away from the Vaasa city centre.

We invest in our employees' occupational well-being and can offer you comprehensive occupational health care. This includes extensive medical care and preventive measures such as ergonomic check-ups, fitness and culture vouchers, and a multitude of other activities to support well-being at work. We monitor staff well-being regularly, which gives us the tools for continuous development of our services. 

Our flexible working hours and  work options such as blended home/campus working contribute to  a great work-life balance. No matter at what stage of your life you are, we can offer you flexible solutions that suit your current situation, be it paid annual holidays, family leave or retirement. 

Taking the next step in your career

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Our career model for teaching and research staff offers diverse possibilities for building a successful career in academia.  You can orientate towards teaching or research, and/or change orientation during your time at the university.  

Continuous learning  plays a significant part in career development. We have developed a competence development model for both teaching and research staff.  

Our commitment to the career and competence development of our personnel is visible in the versatile in-house offering of training opportunities. As a member of our staff you will also have the opportunity to participate in external courses as well as other development opportunities. We encourage all our staff members to engage in international activities and support international staff exchanges and assignments abroad. 

Welcome to the happiest country in the world

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According to the UN Happiness Report, Finland is the happiest  in the world for the fifth year in a row. Finland offers a high-standard of living in a safe and well-functioning society.

Finland is a beautiful place to live in. Our culture is welcoming, with a strong emphasis on cooperation rather than competitiveness.  With a low crime rate people feel safe, secure, and fulfilled.

Whether you are a family with young children or a senior citizen enjoying the newly found freedom of a pensioner, you'll gain of the Finnish welfare system, which is financed through taxes. For instance high quality education all the way from kindergarten to higher education is available for all citizens and no private insurances are needed to get the best healthcare.      

We welcome you to the happiest country in the world where you'll find amazing landscapes, clean air and freedom and space for your thoughts.

Easy living in Vaasa

The city of Vaasa, with almost 70,000 inhabitants, is a vibrant and international centre of culture, education and business. Vaasa enjoys a position at the forefront of flourishing urban regions and is often referred to as the energy capital of Finland.

Life in Vaasa is well balanced with many job opportunities, a wide variety of spare time activities and good travel connections. Commutes are short, housing is affordable and life is easy. Nature is close at hand, whether you live right in the centre of the city or nearby. Wherever you go you will find yourself near the sea. The Kvarken Archipelago is Finland's first and only UNESCO natural World Heritage Site.

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