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Where do our alumni work today? What memories do you have of studying?


"Great foundation of knowledge in a variety of areas." Daniel Lucas from Canada graduated from the Master’s programme in International Business. He is currently working for Wärtsilä in Global Logistics Services (WGLS), in the Distribution and Invoicing department with the title of Delivery Coordinator.

"In this role, my daily responsibility is creating, coordinating and notifying Wärtsilä’s customers of deliveries exported to the Americas as well as the Middle East and Asia. I also coordinate deliveries with international colleagues internally as well as global customers and freight forwarders externally to ensure that our parts arrive on time wherever they are needed."

Daniel first began as a summer trainee but has since continued his work in the company. He began to work at Wärtsilä right after graduation.

"I had thoroughly researched the specific role that I was interested in before submitting my application, which was tailored to applying my newly developed International Business skills for a career in global logistics."

Daniel values the skills the programme gave him and was immediately able to apply them in his daily work.

"This derives from a greater understanding of the internal and external forces influencing the operations of a multinational corporation. Specifically, regarding the international supply chain, exporting regulations, and managing international business relationships. Additionally, strong cross-cultural communication skills developed through the MIB programme have greatly assisted in working in a multicultural environment."

Any advice for students about employment?

"My main advice for new students looking for work in Finland is to network as much as possible and discuss your skills and career interests with friends, family, classmates, and through using social media channels like LinkedIn to both market yourself and conduct research on businesses or careers that interest you. The more you reach out to people and let others know what your talents are, the more likely you are to hear of job openings or employers looking to hire someone with your specific set of skills. It is also important to accept a diverse variety of job opportunities presented to you, even those not directly tied to your future desired career, as all work experiences can be valuable when approached with the right attitude. This is particularly important for international students as getting the first Finnish work experience and reference on your CV will help open the door to a wider variety of job opportunities."

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