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Tekniikan ja innovaatiojohtamisen yksikkö, Tuotantotalous
029 449 8581
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Ankkuri 2. krs
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Proven and valued track record in International Corporate Business Management & Transformation, Business Development & Operations, Operational Excellence and Quality Management, Solution Sales & Marketing Development, Program & Project Management & Development, Innovative Product and Production Management & Development as well as Supply Chain Design & Management from several businesses, several global multi-business corporations, operating in various organisational layers from Board of Management and HQ to middle-and line management, performing from President & CEO, Executive Vice President/ Country Manager positions to Director / Leading Consultant.

Convincing and powerful background from Mechanical or Industrial Engineering and Services Maintenance Industry, Information Technology and Services Industry and Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Industry.




TUTA1060 Basic Course in Quality, 5 ECTS
TUTA2160 Basic Course in Logistics, 5 ECTS
TUTA1110 Sustainable Energy Business, 5 ECTS
TUTA2140 Global Sourcing and Procurement, 5 ECTS
TUTA2230 Innovative Product Development and Product Lifecycle Management, 5 ECTS
TUTA2240 Sales Management and Negotiation Skills, 5 ECTS
TUTA3050 Advanced Course in Quality and Reliability Management, 5 ECTS
TUTA3120 Supply Chain Design and Management, 5 ECTS
TUTAC1090 Yrityksen reaaliprosessit, 3 ECTS
TUTAC2170 Introduction to Production Management, 5 ECTS
TUTA2180 Production Flow and Layout Planning, 5 ECTS