Sustainability and responsibility

Responsibility and ethics are the cross-cutting cornerstones of our University

We produce new information and educates future experts and conscious citizens. We are building a culture in which the principles of sustainable development are realized in our education, research and interaction with various stakeholders in society. Our campus aims for carbon neutrality by 2030.

Aiming for a modern, appealing and carbon neutral campus

We want to be a pioneer and strengthen the vitality of the region and Vaasa's reputation as a university city. In 2019, a large-scale campus development project was launched. The goal of the campus development project is to build a vibrant and attractive meeting place on our university campus in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

The first phase focuses on the renovation of buildings and premises, but change is always accompanied by the development and change of operating methods. 

University of Vaasa campus


We have a common goal in the region: combating climate change

We are situated at the centre of an international knowledge cluster in the environment and energy sector, EnergyVaasa. This provides our University with excellent opportunities to operate actively in international innovation ecosystems. The surrounding ecosystem comprises global RDI-intensive companies, universities, as well as public and third sector organisations - all with the common goal of sustainable development and combating climate change. VEBIC, the university's research platform that focuses on efficient energy production, energy business and development of a sustainable society, has a major role in this.

Universities play a key role in combatting and solving climate change

As a result of its own actions, humanity is facing enormous challenges. Declining biodiversity, increasing inequality and climate change are global changes that require action both locally and worldwide. Universities play a key role in combatting and solving climate change and other crises, creating the required expertise and fostering a safe and stable society.

The time for rhetoric is over. We need to move from words to action.

Read Unifi's theses on sustainable development and responsibility


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Director of sustainability and ethics Tommi Lehtonen

Tommi Lehtonen
Tommi Lehtonen

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