Capacity-building for Sino-Finnish Research Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation

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University of Vaasa and Chinese Academy of Sciences Institutes of Science and Development (CASISD) signed an agreement to establish a joint China-Finland Centre in August 2017.

The aim of the project is on developing the operating model of newly established Sino-Finnish Research centre for Science, Technology and Innovation (hereafter the Sino-Finnish STI centre). The Sino-Finnish STI centre aims to be the preeminent Nordic think tank supporting the networking and joint RDI collaboration of businesses and universities. Moreover, the centre promotes the development of policy level collaboration between policy makers in Europe and China with a mission to address environmental and societal challenges and promote economic growth by means of conducting policy studies on science, technology and innovation

Sino-Finnish STI center energize the innovation ecosystem of the Ostrobotnia region by fostering the RDI-collaboration and networking with five selected regions in China. The most important fields of collaboration are related on energy transition and digital manufacturing which both involve significant research and business opportunities.


The objective of the project is to:

(1) Support the networking and joint RDI collaboration between companies operating in Ostrobotnia and 5 selected regions in China 
(2) Promote the internationalization and export of higher education by designing and building up links between the University of Vaasa, Vaasa UAS, Novia UAS and the Chinese universities identified as the most relevant partners. In addition, project may also introduce the regional vocational education and training opportunities in China.
(3) Produce new research-based knowledge on regional, internationally-oriented demand- and user-driven regional innovation strategy and to develop a research networks between Finland and China in science, technology and innovation policy. At the same time, the centre will also support decision-makers in Ostrobothnia and cooperation regions in China to develop new solutions for regional innovation policy as well as demand- and user-driven innovation strategy to strengthen cross-sectoral RDI collaboration
(4) Establish a platform to support the participation of citizens (citizens' groups), students and other actors in the promotion of the smart energy sector and the promotion of Finnish-Chinese RDI cooperation.

The project is carried out between 1.9.2018 -31.8.2020 and consists of five work packages: 
(1) Development of business networks and new joint RDI projects, (2) Designing of strategic plans for internationalization and export of higher education, (3) Development of innovation policy, (4) Fostering of citizen’s participation and (5) Impact analysis. 

The main target groups of the VIP-project consist of growth-oriented SMEs and Universities/ Universities of Applied Sciences in the region. The indirect target groups include decision makers of cities, municipalities and other public organizations, NGOs, students and citizens interested in to participate and contribute the development of Sino-Finnish STI centre on voluntary basis. 
Indirect target groups also include companies, decision-makers and other public actors as well as individual citizens in China who are interested in new products and services based on energy transition / sustainable development and advancement of economic prosperity.

The core of the project is building a sustainable Sino-Finnish innovation cooperation platform in the Nordic region with Vaasa as the hub in order to strengthen regional innovation strategies for smart specialisation. The project will boost the competitiveness of Vaasa region nationally and globally by facilitating promoting cross-boundary knowledge co-creation and innovation. The engagement of the public in Sino-Finnish cooperation on energy transition will drive the regional innovation ecosystem towards 'open innovation', where all stakeholders in both Finland and China are served as active players in jointly creating and experimenting in the new ways of doing things and creating new services and products addressing energy transition. Finally, the project will help the region develop internationally oriented demand- and user-driven innovation strategy in the Vaasa region.

Name of the project: Capacity-building for Sino-Finnish Research Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation
Project by:Sino-Finnish Research Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation
Project Manager: Selina Liang
Time: 1.9.2018-31.8.2020
Budget:423 515 euros
External funding: ERDF339 812 euros
Contact person: Excecutive Director, Selina Liang

Project duration
External funding
339 812€
Total budget
423 515€
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