Nayeem Rahman

Doctoral Researcher

School of Marketing and Communication, Marketing
+358 29 449 8432
Kaisaniemenkatu 4A (4. kerros), 00100 Helsinki
Vaasan Yliopisto Helsingin toimipiste

Research area

As a researcher specializing in energy transition, my primary focus lies in demand-side flexibility management, a key tool for increasing renewable energy in our energy mix. My expertise includes developing business models, enhancing consumer engagement, and understanding the regulatory landscape of demand-side flexibility.

My research extends to energy platforms, markets, and communities, with a specific interest in citizen-driven energy communities and the analysis of electricity retailer business models amidst the shifting energy landscape.


Demand-side management, flexibility platforms, energy business models, energy ecosystem, market regulations


Rabetino, R.; Kohtamäki, M.; Rahman, N.; Huikkola, T. (2023) Business model innovation in the Finnish power electricity sector, International Conference on Future Energy Solutions (FES), Vaasa, Finland, 2023, pp. 1-6,

Rahman, N.; Rabetino, R.; Rajala, A.; Partanen, J. (2021) Ushering in a New Dawn: Demand-Side Local Flexibility Platform Governance and Design in the Finnish Energy Markets. Energies 14, 4405. https://