Jukka Vesalainen

Senior Advisor

PhD.(Econ.& Bus.Adm.)
School of Management, Strategic Management
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Ankkuri 3.floor

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Research outcomes:

Publications in scientific journals:

Vesalainen, J. & M. Kohtamäki (2015). Toward a typological view of buyer–supplier relationships: Challenging the unidimensional relationship continuum. Industrial Marketing Management 49 (2015) 105–115.

Ylimäki, J. & J. Vesalainen (2015). Relational development of a service concept: Dialogue meets efficiency. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Vol. 30 Iss 8 pp. 939 – 950.

Vesalainen, J. & H. Hakala (2014). Strategic capability architecture: The role of network capability. Industrial Marketing Management, 43, 938–950.

Kohtamäki, M., Vesalainen, J., Henneberg, S., Naude, P., & Ventresca, M. (2012). Enabling relationship structures and relationship performance improvement: The moderating role of relational capital. Industrial Marketing Management, 41(8), 1298–1309.

Varamäki, E., T. Pihkala & J. Vesalainen (2005).  SME Networks Routes to Growth (2005). In Dowling, Schmude zu Knyphausen-Aufsess (eds.): Advances in Interdisciplinary European Entrepreneurship Research, Vol. II

Vuorinen, T., E. Varamäki, M. Kohtamäki, J. Vesalainen & T. Pihkala (2004). Analyzing network level performance measurement in SMEs. The Business Review, Cambridge 3:1, 282–288.

Varamäki, E. & Vesalainen, J. (2002).  Modelling different types of multilateral cooperation between SMEs. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development.

Pihkala, T., H. Ylinenpää & J. Vesalainen (2002).  Innovation barriers amongst clusters of European SMEs.  International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Vol. 2, No. 6.

Pihkala, Varamäki & Vesalainen (1999).  Virtual organization and the SMEs:  a review and model development.  Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 11, 335-349

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Vesalainen, J. & T. Pihkala (1998). Entrepreneurial identity, intentions and the effect of the push factor.  Journal of the Academy of Entrepreneurship.  Vol 3:1.


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