Internationally competitive research university


We are an internationally competitive, productive and specialised research university with a strong focus on impactful, basic scientific research. We are a highly valued partner within both regional and international innovation ecosystems. The University of Vaasa is located at the heart of Northern Europe’s largest energy and environment business cluster. We consider advancing the renewal of the energy sector and combatting climate change a core part of our mission.

We use our expertise to advance multi-, cross- and inter-disciplinary research to help address the complex challenges facing our society. In addition to finding solutions to complex problems, our research findings also give rise to new theoretical frameworks, new scientific thinking and even completely new fields of science.

We carry out ethical research that is both sustainable and responsible. We are committed to the principles of open science. We advance the impact of our research by producing new and relevant knowledge in our educational programmes, partner networks and society.

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High-quality education

The education experience at the University of Vaasa emphasises the role of community and interaction. At its core, the education experience is built upon cutting-edge, research-based knowledge, the latest advances in technology, as well as a focus on student-driven projects.

The University of Vaasa has three master's degree programmes in English with an international EFMD accreditation: the Master's Degree Programme in International Business, the Master's Degree Programme in Finance, and the Master's Degree Programme in Strategic Business Development.

All degree programmes in technology are accredited by the accreditation company ASIIN.

International working culture


At our university we don't just say we are international—we are international. We have a large network with around 200 universities in almost 50 countries. 

Blending into our diverse work community will not be difficult. We embrace diversity and promote equal opportunities for all members of staff. A third of the academic personnel at the University of Vaasa comes from outside of Finland. Our researchers and other staff members represent more than 40 different nationalities. 

Our working languages are Finnish and English. Knowing not how to speak Finnish upon your arrival will not be an issue here. We do encourage our staff members to learn Finnish, though, as we feel this to be important for the integration process. We invest in language training and intercultural communication and provide regular Finnish language courses.

Multicultural and multilingual Vaasa region

Besides the university community, the whole of the Vaasa region is known for its multicultural and multilingual character. The region has traditionally been open to the world. A great deal of the region’s 120,000 inhabitants is bilingual. Officially, 59% speak Finnish 36% Swedish and the rest other languages. Here you can get service and run your errands, attend new hobbies and events at least in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. The share of immigrants is one of the highest in all of Finland, and foreign citizens are well-integrated into business and labour.