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Health care

The occupational health offered to the University of Vaasa personnel is provided by Pihlajalinna. Occupational health care is available to all employees. Occupational health care is an activity organized and paid for by the employer and which supports the employees' ability to work. Occupational health care promotes a healthy work environment and safe working conditions.

As an employee of the University of Vaasa you can always contact the Pihlajalinna nurse telephone service at 010312 011 (open daily 6-22). You'll find the Pihlajalinna health clinic in Vaasa at Kiillekuja 1.

If you are an EU Citizen, you may apply for an European Health Insurance Card from your home country.

The European Health Insurance Card covers medical care in the event of illness or injury. You can also get medical treatment if your chronic condition requires it, or you need treatment due to pregnancy or childbirth. The card is valid in EU and EEA countries, and Switzerland.

By presenting the card, you will receive treatment on the same terms as the local residents. The European Health Insurance Card is valid in public health services, and in private hospitals and doctor’s practices that are covered by the reimbursement system.

Primary public health care services are provided at municipal health stations. If you need urgent medical treatment or advice you should primarily seek help from your own health station(terveysasema). Which of the health centers you belong to in Vaasa depends on your adress.

  • Doctors’ consultation
  • Treatment of chronic illnesses
  • Health counselling, medical examinations
  • Screening and vaccinations
  • Mental health services

Your own Health Centre is open from Monday to Thursday 8–16 and on Fridays 8–14, and is the place to go when you need urgent care during these times.

Kirkkopuistikko health station
(for residents of the City center, Hietalahti, Korkeamäki, Suvilahti, Vaskiluoto and Sundom)

Gerby health station
(for residents of Gerby, Isolahti, Pukinjärvi, Vetokannas and Västervik)

Ristinummi health station
(for residents of Ristinummi, Vanha Vaasa, Runsor, Kråklund, Haapaniemi, Kappelinmäki, Pappilanmäki, Vanha Satama and Höstves)

Vähänkyrön terveysasema
(for residents of Vähäkyrö)

Tammikaivon terveysasema

(for Residents of Palosaari, Viikinga, Vetokannas, Kotiranta-Kivihaka, Metsäkallio, Böle and Vöyrinkaupunki, Asevelikylä, Teeriniemi, Kiilapalsta, Melaniemi, Huutoniemi and Purola

Health Center on-call / Central Hospital

Outside the health station opening hours and during weekends, emergency health care is provided at the Accident and Emergency clinic the Central Hospital (Vaasan keskussairaala).

CENTRAL HOSPITAL (Vaasan keskussairaala)
Hietalahdenkatu 2- 4, tel. +358 6 213 1001

Specialised medical care

The majority of the hospitals in Finland are public. Specialised medical care is provided by district hospitals (sairaala). In Vaasa this is the Central Hospital.

To receive non-emergency specialised medical care, the patient must have a referral issued for example by a general practitioner at the health centre or an occupational health physician. Access to specialised medical care must be arranged within a specified period of time.

If you need to visit the hospital, please see the hospital guide for patients.

Please visit the City of Vaasa web pages for more information about public municipal health care.

The emergency number in Finland is 112.

In case of sudden, serious injury or illness requiring immediate, urgent treatment always call 112.These symptoms may include:

  • severe chest pain

  • profuse bleeding

  • severe breathing problems or

  • acute stroke symptoms (all or any of the following)

  • trouble with speaking (difficulty finding words or slurred speech)

  • one corner of your mouth drooping or difficult to move, which is a sign of facial paresis
    weakness of arm/leg.

For other medical emergencies:

During daytime on weekdays, primarily contact your own health station or occupational health.

During evenings, weekends and public holidays, contact CENTRAL HOSPITAL (Vaasan keskussairaala).
Hietalahdenkatu 2- 4, Telephphone tel. +358 6 213 1001
Telephone nursing services are available from 3.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. on Monday - Thursday and from 2.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. on Friday and 24 hours a day during weekends and on midweek holidays.

The Vaasa Central Hospital instructions for accidents and emergencies

SOCIAL SERVICES ON-CALL (Service provided 24/7)
Pohjanmaan sosiaalipäivystys
Call +358 6 325 2347 if you urgently need the help of a social worker.

The Poison information Centre answers questions concerning the prevention and treatment of acute poisonings. Call +358 800 147 111 (Service provided 24/7)

For dental emergencies, please se City of Vaasa webpage

One of the City of Vaasa veterinarians is on call outside opening hours (during weekdays 4 p.m. - 8 a.m., weekends Friday 4 p.m. - Monday 8 a.m.)
The emergency veterinary service number is +358 600 399 299.


Helpline in English and Arabic available Monday and Tuesday 11 – 15, Wednesday 13– 16 and 17 – 21, Thursday 10 – 15, Call +358 9 2525 0113 

For further information:

The City of Vaasa pages on emergency health care:

In Finland supermarkets and grocery stores are not allowed to sell any kind of medicine. Medicines are sold only at pharmacies (apteekki in Finnish). For some medicine you need a doctor's prescription, some can be purchased without a prescription.

Pharmacies in Vaasa, including map and opening hours (in Google)

For non-urgent dental care, a time is given according to the individual need for care. The waiting time is on average 6 months (25.8.2020).

Oral and dental care is free of charge for those under 18 years of age. Others will be charged in accordance with current regulations. Please note that the City of Vaasa will charge 50,8 € (2021) for any unannounced missed appointments.

Dentist's appointments and enquiries:
tel. +358 325 2202 / opening hours: Mon - Thu 7:30 - 15:30, Fri 7:30 - 15:00

For more information about public health dental care and public dental clinics, please see the City of Vaasa webpage

Private healthcare might cost more than using public healthcare, but a part of the expenses are still reimbursed by Kela. The most widely used private healthcare services include dentistry, occupational healthcare, and physiotherapy.

Private medical expenses eligible for partial reimbursement include doctors' fees, dental care costs, examination and treatment charges, and more.
Reimbursement is not calculated on actual costs but on Kela's Schedule of Fixed Reimbursement Rates. See the Kela site for concise information.

You'll find the private health service providers in Vaasa eg. in Google (medical centers and dentists). Their services may be a convenient option for non-urgent medical conditions, especially if you have taken a private health insurance.

Private clinics in Vaasa (in Google)

Private dental clinics (in Google)