Application and selection process

Processing applications and the selection process

All applications should be submitted using the Laura recruitment system. Applicants must ensure that all required attachments can be found in the system by the deadline.

Once the application period has ended, the University of Vaasa will select the applicants who will proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process. Depending on the position, the recruiter or a named appointment committee will decide on the next steps, such as interviews, language and aptitude tests as well as teaching demonstrations (test lectures).

The University of Vaasa reserves the right to leave the position vacant, to extend the application period and consider candidates who have not applied within the application period.

All teaching and research positions are filled in compliance with the appointment procedure as specified in the Finnish Universities Act (558/2009) and the regulations of the University of Vaasa.

Appointments for positions in teaching and research

The merits and competence of the applicants are assessed extensively. The job announcements contain the selection criteria and prerequisites for the position.

The application documents may, if deemed necessary for filling the position, be sent to internal and/or external scientific experts for evaluation.

Teaching demonstration

The selection process may require some candidates to give a teaching demonstration. The teaching demonstration is evaluated as a part of the applicant’s teaching skills as a whole. The teaching demonstration is open to the public and may be recorded. A teaching demonstration usually lasts about 30 mins.

Language skills

The administrative language of the University of Vaasa is Finnish. The teaching languages are Finnish and English. Candidates are required to have the language skills required for carrying out the duties of the position.

Section 1 of the Finnish Government Decree on Universities (707/2009) requires personnel recruited to teaching and research positions to be proficient in Finnish. However, if the candidate is a foreigner or a Finnish citizen who is not a native or has not been educated in Finnish, they may be granted an exemption from the Finnish language proficiency requirement. The selected candidate is expected to acquire the necessary language skills needed in the position in accordance with the language policy of the University of Vaasa.

The aim is that all persons recruited to the university achieve at least the level of a basic language user (A2 according to the CEFR framework) in Finnish within four years of their recruitment. If the person’s job description includes or will presumably include demanding administrative tasks, it is recommended that the person achieve at least the level of an independent language user (B1 or B2) in Finnish within a certain time frame.

The expectations for English skills depend on the position. The general rule is that in all positions, the persons to be recruited should achieve at least the basic level in English (level A2). Most of the positions are such that the level of an independent language user (at least B1/B2) is required.

Director and management positions, as well as many other University Services positions, require the level of a proficient user (C1 or C2) unless there are special reasons why a lower level is sufficient. Teaching and research positions in which fluency is needed to successfully perform the duties also require the level of a proficient user (C1 or C2).

The University of Vaasa supports the development of language skills e.g. by organising regular language courses for members of staff.