Residence permit in Finland

Employer's responsibility to ensure permits

In all cases, the employer has to ensure that a foreign employee has the required residence permit for working in Finland, or make sure that the employee does not need a residence permit. This rule applies to all foreign employees.There are no exceptions.

Please submit a copy of your residence permit to your HR coordinator.

  • Is a permit to live, stay, and travel in Finland as long as the permit is valid, the person may leave and return to the country
  • The first residence permit is usually sought from a Finnish embassy abroad before arriving to Finland
  • The first permit is always temporary, usually valid for 1 year
  • The person may visit other Schengen countries and use the residence permit as if a visa, may stay in these countries for no more than 90 days per half a year, if the residence permit is valid
  • The first permit costs 470 € if submitted electronically, and 520 € if submitted in paper form (2024).

For further information, please visit the Finnish Immigration Service  web pages:

Extension of the Residence Permit

Applications for extensions to residence permits are submitted to the Immigraion Services prior to the expiry of the existing residence permit. The application should be submitted in good time before the previous one expires.The Finnish Immigration Service will grant you an extended permit if the requirements for granting you your previous fixed-term residence permit still exist.

Foreign researchers may work and reside in the country while the application is being processed until a legally valid decision has been made in the matter. The extension of the residence permit costs 170 € if submitted electronically (2024).

For further information, please see: