Information about Vaasa

Vaasa, the Sunniest City in Finland

The City of Vaasa is on the Western coast of Finland surrounded by the Kvarken Archipelago. The unique location is just a stone’s throw away from the UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Vaasa is a city of 67.000 inhabitants and 12.000 students. It is the educational, cultural and tourist centre of Western Finland, also known as the energy hub of the Nordic countries: a significant share of Finland's and Scandinavian's energy technological industry is concentrated to the Vaasa region.

Most of our students study and live in Vaasa, however if you study in the Master's Programme in Strategic Project Management, your studies will take place in Seinäjoki and you should get an apartment in Seinäjoki.

Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish, and Vaasa is a bilingual city, where both of the official languages are used in everyday life. Although English is widely spoken in Finland, learning Finnish and/or Swedish is a great advantage for your future career in Finland.

The city of Vaasa is easy to reach: we are well connected with an airport, numerous train and bus connections, as well as cruisers travelling to Sweden. The University of Vaasa has a unique and beautiful green campus located right next to the sea, and Vaasa is also said to be the sunniest city in Finland!