Submitting your documents in joint admission

The online application and application enclosures must be saved before the application period deadline into Studyinfo, the electronic application system. As admission is based on the documents you submit along with your application, it is very important that you prepare your application with care and submit all the required documents. The programmes only evaluate complete applications, i.e. applications which contain all the required documents.

Provide your correct contact details

It is very important that you give your full name as in passport and correct e-mail address in the application form.

All communication concerning the application process and results is based on the information provided in the application form and the primary means for the University of Vaasa to contact you is via e-mail. Please ensure that your e-mail address will be valid for the whole duration of the application process.

If you are exempted from paying tuition fees, please note that it is the applicants responsibility to submit the necessary documents in order to receive the exemption.

Submit your documents to us by the deadline

In the joint admission, all the enclosures need to be submitted to the application form or arrived in other way by the 24th January 2024 at 15:00 (UTC+2).

The application and all of the required enclosures need to be submitted before the given deadline either electronically or as specified in the country specific requirements. Some language tests may be submitted by the language test centre directly to the University of Vaasa as well. Exceptions cannot be made to the deadline and the University of Vaasa will not process late applications.

If application documents are mailed in by a third party, e.g. your university officials, language test centres, etc. the University of Vaasa will match them to your application according to the personal details on those documents. If the documents are submitted separately to the University of Vaasa, they should clearly state the name of the applicant and the programme to which the application documents are submitted.

The applicants are responsible for ensuring that their application documents are delivered by the deadline. The University of Vaasa cannot take responsibility for documents which are not submitted by the deadline (e.g. language test results sent by the testing organisations which are delivered late, documents lost by the mail service, or the like).

Authenticity of documents

First and foremost, educational documents need to be submitted according to country-specific requirements.

If no specific requirements are set for your degree-awarding country, all copies of your educational documents uploaded to your application need to be officially certified - this is with a stamp, date and signature for example by the institution which issued the original document or a notary public. Copies certified as correct by two individuals not representing an official body are not accepted.

Authenticity of all submitted documents will be examined by the University of Vaasa when the application is received. This includes, for example, contacting your previous educational institution and your language test organiser in case necessary. Any malpractice will be reported to the relevant authorities. In case of any counterfeit documents or fraudulent information, the application will be disqualified.

Also, if you are granted admission, you are required to verify all information given in your application form and attachments by bringing the original documents (e.g. Degree Certificate, Transcript of Records) for verification when you arrive in Vaasa. If you fail to submit these original documents, your admission will be invalidated.

How do I know if my documents have arrived?

The University of Vaasa cannot confirm the arrival of each application and its enclosures before processing them. Most of all documents can be submitted directly to the online application form. However, some applicants may need to submit certain documents by post, for example due to the country-specific requirements. In those cases, it is recommended that applicants wishing to confirm the receipt of their documents soon after sending them, send their documents to the University of Vaasa as registered letters or through courier services. By using registered letter or courier services, you will receive a confirmation of delivery from the mail service provider immediately after the documents are delivered to the university.

Postal address of the Admission Services

In case needed for language test results or country-specific requirements, the postal address of the Admission Services is:

University of Vaasa, Admission Services
P.O. Box 700
65101 VAASA

Even if you are applying to the Master's Programme in Strategic Project Management (in the city of Seinäjoki), you must still send the application documents to Vaasa, to the address above.

Questions about your application?

If you have questions related to the application documents you have submitted, you may contact the University of Vaasa at admissions(a)

When contacting the university, please always refer to your national learner ID (on your application form) and state the programme that you have applied to.