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Smart Energy

Master’s Programme in Smart Energy

Whether you're keen on transforming the energy sector, exploring innovative electrical technologies, or diving into the world of smart grids or robotics, we have the right studies for you. Whichever you choose, you'll embark on a journey of academic excellence and practical knowledge that will prepare you for a rewarding and successful career.

Energy Technology educates experts to ensure that economically produced energy is reliably and affordably available. Energy must be generated and used while minimizing environmental impacts. Focus areas in these studies that are taught in Finnish include internal combustion engines and related energy production, exhaust gas purification technologies, as well as renewable fuels and energy sources.

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Studies in Electrical Engineering focus on smart electrical grids, utilizing advanced information technology systems and fast telecommunications connections to enable the harnessing of renewable electricity production. These studies that are taught in Finnish also delve into power electronics and its various applications, both in electricity generation and consumption.

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Developers of smart energy solutions

Are you interested in smart energy systems, and combining modern technologies and business models? Do you dream of creating innovative and sustainable energy solutions for the future?

Changes and disruption of traditional power and energy systems demand a fresh set of skills to drive the transition towards smarter, more flexible and renewable energy systems. Next-generation electrical power engineers need to understand an increasing amount of different interdisciplinary interactions ranging from new technologies to customer needs and different energy policies.

Smart Grids equips you with the latest knowledge of the ongoing green energy transition and excellent capabilities to renew the industry and create resilient solutions for sustainable and smart energy systems.

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Interested in smart technologies for future sustainable energy systems? 

Major in Robotics and learn how to create intelligent robotised solutions using novel ICT and automation technologies for smart energy, sustainable battery production, and recycling. Expand your skills in AI, machine learning, computer vision, embedded systems, wireless communication, and energy storage.

You will get the latest knowledge in the ongoing energy transition and excellent capabilities to renew the industry and create resilient solutions for sustainable and smart energy systems. 

These studies are arranged in two cities: Vaasa and Pori, where the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences provides facilities for teaching and self-study.

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Considering advanced studies in urban development? Study in leading universities in Europe and earn a joint degree

Smart Cities and Communities is an Erasmus Mundus joint master’s programme that focuses on the pillars of sustainable urban development, namely energy, transportation, buildings, urban planning, and information and communication technology as central enablers in implementing sustainable solutions.

University of Vaasa offers the joint programme a multidisciplinary Smart Grid Solutions study module which is worth 30 ECTS credits and deals with smart energy solutions and combining new technologies and business models.

The EU-funded master’s programme lasts two years and includes four terms in three different countries. The other universities are:

  • University of Mons in Belgium
  • International Hellenic University in Greece
  • University of the Basque Country in Spain

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Admissions criteria and instructions for how to apply

Want to learn more? Read our detailed guide on how to apply. Ready to apply? Go to the Studyinfo portal to submit your application.

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