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Industrial Management

Master’s Programme in Industrial Management

Master’s programme in Industrial Management offers degrees in the field of engineering and business administration. Whether you are passionate about understanding complex industrial systems, driving successful projects, or integrating business with technology, we have the right studies for you.

Explore our diverse range of offerings: the M.Sc. (Business) in Industrial Management harmonises business expertise with operations, while the M.Sc. (Tech) in Industrial Systems Analytics takes a quantitative approach to solve challenges in industrial management. Lastly, the M.Sc. (Tech) in Strategic Project Management is designed for project-based businesses and engineering management.

Whichever path you choose, you will embark on a journey of academic excellence and practical knowledge that will prepare you for a rewarding and successful career.

Miners of complex data for better business

Are you curious about how complex industrial systems work? Are industrial systems design and analytics your passion? Do you want to solve the data problems of today’s businesses?

Industrial Systems Analytics covers content, models, and methods to design, develop, implement, and operate complex processes and systems in industrial and other organisations. The studies focus on complex industrial systems and equip you with skills and expertise especially for the energy sector, research centres, and regional development organisations.

These studies are aimed at students who have a Bachelor of Science in engineering and are eager to solve various complex industrial problems by applying a quantitative approach. 

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Gain a new perspective on how to approach projects

Do you want to learn how to successfully execute projects across various industries such as production, energy, transportation and logistics? Do you wish to broaden your expertise and become a strategic partner to upper management?

Our major in Strategic Project Management offers a world-leading programme for developing project managers and leaders who can operate in this demanding new environment and deliver successful projects and initiatives. The degree is designed for practitioners interested in deepening and widening their competence, expertise and professional practice, and for graduates who are looking to move into project management.

These studies are aimed at students who have a Bachelor of Science in engineering and are willing to work with themes related to project management, project business, and engineering management.

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High-level production developers of industrial processes

Do you want to combine business with technology? Are you interested in developing processes for sustainability and the energy sector? Do you have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or technology with business studies?

With Industrial Management as your major, you can specialise in either Supply Chain Management and Operations Management or Technology Management and Innovations. It prepares you for roles in high-tech companies and businesses with rapidly evolving technologies, research centres and universities.

Vaasa, at the heart of the growing renewable energy sector in the Nordic Countries, offers excellent opportunities for close cooperation with energy companies. Both local business networks and international connections are integrated into teaching: students plan and conduct small research projects that combine theoretical frameworks with empirical studies in companies.

This programme is aimed at students who have a bachelor’s in business (operations management, supply chain management, operations research, management information systems, or related areas). 

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The ASIIN quality seal for study programmes provides assurance that subject specific quality standards of the academic discipline and of the profession for which that programme prepares are met at high level. It confirms further that a suitable framework for good teaching and successful learning is provided. The award of the seal is based on learning outcome oriented standards of the involved disciplines and complies with the European Qualifications Framework and the “European Standards and Guidelines”.
The Master's Programme in Industrial Management is ranked 15th in the top 200 in Industrial and Operations Management, Western Europe, in the Eduniversal Masters Ranking 2019.

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Admissions criteria and instructions for how to apply

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