Application process in rolling admission

The rolling admission to the international Master’s programmes is open twice a year:

  • Early bird admission round: 1 November 2023 at 8:00 - 2 January 2024 at 15:00 (UTC+2).
  • Final call admission round: 4 March at 8:00 (UTC+2) - 30 April 2024 at 15:00 (UTC+3). 

NB! Due to the high number of applications in the Final Call admission round, the processing time of applications is longer than usual.

In the rolling admission, the first applicants who satisfy all the admission criteria will be admitted in the order they apply until the intake is full. Therefore, these application rounds might close earlier than planned, if the intakes are full. The final call admission round might not be opened for all programmes in case the intakes are full after the early bird admission round.

Both international and Finnish applicants, who have completed their previous degree at a university or a university of applied sciences outside of Finland, can apply through rolling admission. Applications are filled in through the national Studyinfo electronic application system, and links to the application forms can be found below. All of your attachments need to be uploaded to your application by the time of applying. If all the required enclosures are not submitted to the application form by the time of applying, the application will be rejected.

The students that are offered admission through rolling admission are offered admission to the same programmes as students that are offered admission through the joint application round to our international Master’s programmes. It is possible to apply to only to 1-2 programmes at the University of Vaasa through rolling admission.

Good luck with your application! 

Steps to applying

  • Get to know the general admission criteria and the programme-specific criteria
  • Read the instructions on submitting your documents carefully
  • Below you will find the direct links to our application forms. Click on the programme you want to apply to, which leads you to Studyinfo
  • The list of required application documents can be found below
  • Make sure your educational documents are certified correctly and submit the official translations of these documents if necessary
  • When you have your documents ready, fill in the application in Studyinfo. Upload your documents to your application and save the application form
  • See if there are country-specific requirements for your degree-awarding country. If you are accepted, you will be asked to submit your educational documents according to these requirements, if these requirements apply to your degree-awarding country.
  • Wait for the admission results!

The required application attachments

The required application documents are following:

  • Officially certified copy of Degree certificate(s) if graduated
  • Officially certified copy of Transcript(s) of records (an explanation of the grading system used is mandatory if it is not clearly stated in the Transcript)
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Copy of passport's information page / official ID card
  • Document to prove your exemption from tuition fees (e.g. copy of your residence permit card to Finland), if applicable

Applicants who have not yet graduated can apply and be conditionally accepted as long as they graduate by the 11 July 2024. If you have not graduated by the time you apply to the programme, you are required to submit an officially certified copy of your latest transcript of records.

After submitting the application

An admission decision is made after the application has arrived with all the enclosures needed.  The applicant must accept the study place within 7 days and pay possible tuition fee by the deadline:

  • Early bird admission round: 5 April 2024
  • Final call admission round: 11 July 2024

If accepted, the applicant must send in the educational documents according to country specific requirements, if applicable. The documents have to arrive at University of Vaasa at the latest by:

  • Early bird admission round: 5 April 2024 at 15:00
  • Final call admission round: 11 July 2024 at 15:00

Once the fees have been paid and documents have been sent in according to country-specific requirements the offer of admission is no longer conditional. Please note that any application documents submitted to the University of Vaasa by post (e.g. the country-specific documents) will not be returned to the applicant.

Apply here

You can access the application form here during the application period.

Contact information

You can contact the Admission Services at: admissions(at)

Note that any inquiries made to the university about the application may take several days to answer. Your application will be processed once submitted and the application attachments must be submitted to the application form by the time of applying. Therefore, please ensure that your application is complete. Read carefully through all the admission criteria and make sure that your educational documents are certified properly.