Planning of doctoral studies (PSP)

Doctoral students plan their studies with the supervisor at the very beginning of the studies. The personal study plan (PSP) is based on the curriculum of the doctoral programme which ensures that the doctoral student has sufficient skills to act as a researcher as well as in demanding expert tasks in his or her field after graduation as Doctor of Science.

The personal study plan is prepared in such a way that the studies support the skills required in the research work. The student's employment and career aspirations can also be taken into account in the planning of studies. The study plan helps the student to schedule his or her studies, and by updating it regularly, it also keeps the supervisors aware of the progress of the studies.

Full-time doctoral students draw up their personal study plan (PSP) for four years and part-time students for six years.

The study plan states:

  • the study attainments to be included in the doctoral degree and thir planned time of completion
  • planned researcher mobility
  • planned schedule for the phases of the dissertation

A personal study plan is prepared on a form that can be found via  the link below. The personal study plan is approved by the supervisor and a copy needs to be submitted to the doctoral program coordinator. The plan must be updated annually by the end of October (staff employed by the doctoral student will update PSP twice a year).

At the beginning of the studies, a supervision agreement is concluded between the doctoral student and the supervisors. The supervision agreement agrees on the division of labour between the instructors and the principles of the supervision relationship. The supervision plan can be updated if there are changes in the supervision relationships (the research plan changes significantly, the supervisor retires, etc.). Changes in the supervision relationship are approved by the dean after discussion with the parties.

New doctoral students prepare and submit a PSP and a supervision agreement as part of the course TOFO4056 Introduction to Doctoral Studies and a personal study plan (see course description in the study guide).