Passive register

There are doctoral students at the university, who due to changed circumstances, no longer actively study or do not intend to complete a post-graduate degree. The number of students in the student data system and the real number of students should correspond so that the university can allocate resources for e.g. tuition services, in accordance with the real need. A passive register of doctoral students will be used at the University of Vaasa, effective from autumn 2017.

What does passivating the study right mean?

The study right for doctoral students will be passivated if a student has not completed any studies, participated in supervised activities in the manner that has been agreed on or no progress with the doctoral thesis has been made for two consecutive years.  The study right will also be passivated if a student has neglected registration or has registered as absent for the past two academic years. Passivating the study right does not mean that students lose the study right all together, but the study right can be changed to active status in the manner described below.

Two consecutive academic years in this context, refers to the academic year when passivating the study right is examined as well as the previous year.

Passivating is applied to a specific study right. If a doctoral student does not have any other valid study rights, their status in the student data system is then “removed from the records”. Doctoral students who have been removed from the records do not appear as a student in the statistics. These doctoral students cannot participate in the doctoral studies courses and their email addresses will no longer be valid.

The study right will be passivated from August onwards. The students affected, will in the future receive a letter from the university at the end of the autumn term. After this no reminders will be sent to students.

The passive status of the study right is recorded by the end of May because of the registration, but the study right is formally passive from August 1.

The teaching and study affairs personnel responsible for doctoral studies provide guidance about the passive register and the activation procedure.

Avoiding transfer to the passive register

Doctoral students will avoid being transferred to the passive register if they complete their doctoral studies as agreed on with the supervisor, make progress with their doctoral research and have registered as present /attending the university.

Reactivating the doctoral studies

The passive register does not mean that students lose their study right. Doctoral students, who wish to become active with their doctoral studies, shall update their research plan and schedule and draft a personal study plan which is confirmed by the supervisor. Additionally, an application form is filled out and signed by the supervisor and, together with the personal study and research plans; the application is submitted to the teaching and study affairs personnel.

Students who have not registered as present or absent, must pay a re-registration fee in connection with the re-registering.

Abstaining from the study right

Doctoral students can also completely abstain from the study right. Abstaining from the study right means that that the study right can no longer be retrieved. Contact the coordinator of the doctoral programme for more details.