Alumni meetings

Has your class been in contact over the years? Do you organise get-togethers with your student friends? We'd love to hear about these meetings, and we'd love to share news about them in the alumni newsletter and on social media. In addition, we could help you with the arrangements.

Alumni meetings 

We are happy to help when our alumni want to arrange a meeting. Of course, we hope that the participants of the meeting will join the alumni network so that keeping in touch will be easier.

Our help/support may include:

  • Information in an alumni newsletter or on social media channels
  • Creating an electronic registration form for the event
  • Assisting with the booking of rooms and meals if the event is at the university (Please note, that we do not automatically promise to cover the cost of meals.)
  • Organising a university greeting or speaker for the event

Please contact us when you are arranging a meeting.  Let's discuss how we can help with your event. 

Further information: alumni(a)

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