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National Doctoral Education Day 12.10.2023

Welcome to the National Doctoral Education Day in Vaasa

The theme for the year 2023 is ‘Doctoral education for the future’. During the day, the role of research and doctoral education in the future society will be extensively explored. What kind of working life skills are required for future doctors and why do employers want to hire them? The day's small group discussions will focus on the use of artificial intelligence in doctoral studies, the funding of doctoral research, the community spirit of doctoral students, and the contents and goals of doctoral studies.

We welcome all those interested in the development of doctoral education, especially the leaders of doctoral programmes and doctoral schools, those working in the administration and development of doctoral education, and, of course, the dissertation supervisors and doctoral researchers.

The Doctoral Education Day will be organized at the University of Vaasa on Thursday, October 12, 2023. The event will be held on the campus of the University of Vaasa on Student Union house Domus Bothnica (Yliopistonranta 5, Vaasa). 

9:30–10:00 Registration at Domus Bothnica, Student Union house (Yliopistonranta 5)

10:00 Welcome words         

  • Virpi Juppo, Chair, national Doctoral Education Network,
  • Mika Grundström, Vice-Rector, Head of Graduate School, University of Vaasa

10:15 Keynote Paavo-Petri Ahonen, Education Advisor, Ministry of Education and Culture

11:00 Panel discussion - Doctoral education, working life and the future (in Finnish)

  • Suvi Einola, Strategy and Development Director of the Ostrobothnia Welfare Region
  • Seppo Tikkanen, Senior Ecosystem Lead, PoDoCo
  • Paavo-Petri Ahonen, Education Advisor, Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Chair: Mika Grundström, Vice-Rector, Head of Graduate School, University of Vaasa

12:00 Self-paid lunch in the campus area

13:00 Parallel sessions (more information in next section)

14:30 Afternoon coffee (Domus Bothnica)

15:00 Summarising comments from the parallel sessions

15:15 Final words and thanks

Wednesday 11.10. it is possible to participate in a self-paid dinner at the restaurant Bank & Pocket from 19:00. Please inform us about your participation in the dinner and when registering for a possible special diet.

1. Status: doctoral researcher - Individually together (Room: Domus Botnica)

Dissertation research takes several years, during which the doctoral researchers deepen their knowledge and understanding of their own unique research topic.  In addition, these years are used to build networks and to develop the generic skills that are expected by default of a doctoral candidate.   Status: Doctoral Researcher - Individually Together session will present and discuss practices that can enhance the sense of community among doctoral researchers across disciplines, support their well-being during studies and contribute their future doctoral careers.


  • Peer mentoring – a source of support and well-being for doctoral researchers / Gargi Tariyal, Doctoral Researcher, UEF
  • Doing PhD can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be - On My Mind peer support/ Sari Järvi, Coordinator, UTU and  Sanni Helander, Coordinator, UTU
  • Ph.D. students as key stakeholders in shaping University doctoral study decisions Larry Abdullai, Doctoral researcher, LUT University
  • Doctoral Researchers' Section of the Student Union of University of Oulu Jarkko Impola, Section chairperson/ Doctoral researcher, University of Oulu
  • The value of open-source during one's PhD journey / Luca Ferranti, UWASA

2. Course-based studies in doctoral education - how much and what? (Room: Fabriikki F366)

 The degree requirements in doctoral education include individual studies and doctoral dissertation that creates new scientific knowledge.  It is the wish of the Ministry of Education and Culture that the doctoral degree would be completed faster than at present. What kind of studies, and how much of them, should be included in the doctoral degree in order for the doctoral candidate to graduate and become a qualified researcher in a short amount of time? What should the aim of these studies be? Would nationally jointly produced courses help in making processes more efficient? Come and join the discussion - as a starting point for the discussion we will hear, for example, about the doctoral courses in Aalto University and UEF, as well as the courses offered as a national collaboration.


  • Kaisa Laitinen, UEF
  • Minna Söderqvist, Aalto University

3. RDI-actions and doctoral training  (Room: Fabriikki F119)

In this session, we will explore the crucial aspects of funding doctoral research, Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) actions, and the dynamic interplay between academia and industry in doctoral training. As the landscape of doctoral education evolves, it's imperative to grasp the multifaceted nature of financial support, the transformative power of RDI initiatives, and the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry. Join us as we delve into these topics to empower the next generation of leaders. 


  • Maija Tenkanen, Graduate school vice rector, University of Helsinki
  • Heikki Holopainen, SIVISTA
  • Marianne Jokila, Project Manager at Technology Industries of Finland Centennial

4. AI in Doctoral Studies – Possibilities and Challenges (Room: Fabriikki F118)

In the session, we will discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence (e.g. GPT), and the different possibilities and challenges it creates. The session centers around following themes:

  • University’s guidelines for students and supervisors
  • Good (and bad) scientific practice
  • Possibilities and challenges for doctoral education
  • Possibilities and challenges for career prospects

We will also host interactive discussions about experiences at various universities, including opportunities for questions from others.


  • Anu Helkkula, Phd Programme Manager, Hanken School of Economics
  • Carlos Diaz Ruiz, Assistant Professor, Hanken School of Economics

Parallel sessions:

1. Status: doctoral researcher - Individually together

2. Course-based studies in doctoral education - how much and what?

3. RDI-actions and doctoral training 

4.  AI in Doctoral Studies – Possibilities and Challenges

If you have any questions regarding the event, send an email to If you want to cancel your participation, send an email to or call +358 29 449 8761