Paula Linna


Johtamisen yksikkö, Strateginen johtaminen
029 449 8533


I am interested in sustainability in business, emerging markets and creating cross-sectoral partnerships between Academia and private sector.

I received my Ph.D. from the Aalto University in 2017. I did my doctoral thesis as part of the Aalto University's Sustainability in Business research group, my doctoral thesis concerned ways of innovating in the context of emerging markets. I joined Vaasa University in 2020.

Research and Teaching

My research interests are growth strategies of sustainable entrepreneurs,  SMEs' sustainability strategies and ways of doing business in the context of emerging low-income markets. If possible, I enjoy conducting ethnographic research among entrepreneurs. I am extremely interested to study how businesses can solve ‘grand-challenges.' I am a member of the Sustainable Strategic Interactions-research group.

Concerning teaching, I teach at the Strategic Business Development Master Program and currently in responsible of the Internship course. In addition, am coordinating Digicampus courses and supervise both Bachelor and Master Thesis.

Other activities

I work closely with the Epanet-actors in Seinäjoki region. Currently I am involved in R&D projects on developing sustainable business practices among the Ostrobothnian companies.

I am also involved in promoting University's internalization and partnership building in Africa, particularly in Kenya. Hopefully I can create based learning teaching for students .


Please see Google Scholar for more information about my publications.

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