VEBIC laboratories

Fuel-lab, ICE-lab and FREESI-lab

Within the interdisciplinary research platform of VEBIC, the University of Vaasa has uniquely integrated laboratories for boosting future fuels (fuel-lab), combustion engines (ICE-lab) and research for reliable integration of electrical and energy systems (FREESI-lab).

The fuel-lab is a research laboratory that provides analyses for liquid fuels. In addition to research projects, it offers services from single analysis to larger customer projects. Ask for more information:

The ICE-lab comprises a medium-speed Wärtsilä 4L20 engine for marine and power plant applications, loaded by an ABB alternator. The test bench uses a Speedgoat model-based control system. An ABB drive enables engine operation at variable speeds. The exhaust system makes it possible to study various exhaust cleaning systems. The large measurement system covers determination of engine performance, combustion analyses, gaseous and particulate emissions, air and exhaust pressures, temperatures and flow rates. The University of Vaasa has also validated in-house and commercial toolchains for simulation of engine and propulsion systems.

The Future Reliable Electricity & Energy System Integration laboratory (FREESI-lab) consists of Protection, Automation and Communication (PAC) laboratory for testing and training the IEC 61850 based protection systems as well as OPAL-RT OP5600 real-time simulator platform, which at present time, enables controller hardware in the loop (CHIL) simulations of Smart Grids. The FREESI-lab is connected to the Sundom Smart Grid living lab environment, which is a real medium voltage grid providing a continuous IEC 61850 based data stream from twenty nodes. The ongoing and future investments into the FREESI-lab will enable the expansion of research activities and cooperation especially in the area of smart and flexible energy systems.

Address, Internal Combustion Engine lab & Fuel laboratory

Yliopistoranta 1, 65200 Vaasa

Address, FREESI laboratory

Puuvillakuja 3, 65200 Vaasa

Internal Combustion Engine & Fuel laboratory (ICE-lab & fuel-lab)

Internal Combustion Engine & Fuel laboratory (ICE-lab & fuel-lab)

  • Wärtsilä 4L20 engine for research use
  • Smaller engines, as well, plus large electric equipment
    • Alternators
    • Frequency converters
    • Transformers
    • Gen-set automation system
    • Data acquisition system
  • Fuel laboratory works in close cooperation with the engine laboratory and regional chemistry laboratories
    • Unique combination of fuel and engine research

Analyses (fuel-lab)

  • Water content (biodiesels and bio oils), EN ISO 12937
  • Oxidation stability index, EN 14112, EN 15751
  • Density, ASTM D7042
  • Kinematic viscosity, ASTM D7042
  • Acid number, EN 14104
  • Iodine number, EN 14111
  • Surface tension, manufacturer’s device
  • Ester content, EN 14103
  • Trace elements, ICP OES, EN 14538 and manufacturer’s device
    • Ca, K, Mg, Na, P, Al, Cu, Fe, Mn, Si, V, Zn, Pb, S
  • Flash point, EN 2719 + others
  • Cold filter plugging point, EN 116
  • Cloud point, EN 3015
  • Pour point, EN 3016
  • Distillation curve, EN ISO 3405 + others
  • Cetane index, EN ISO 4264
wärtsilä engine

Research focus, ICE-lab & fuel-labl

  • Flexible hybrid power generation
  • Fuel flexibility, renewable fuels and blends, combustion
  • Improvement of energy economy and emissions performance
  • Improved electric equipment and automation of engine-driven power plants
  • Validation of new systems
  • Research services for the academic community, companies and research institutes
Workers in the fuel lab

Contact persons, ICE-lab & fuel-lab

Sonja Heikkilä
Sonja Heikkilä

School of Technology and Innovations

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  • +358 29 449 8065
  • VEBIC V314
Katriina Sirviö
Katriina Sirviö
Senior Researcher

School of Technology and Innovations, Energy Technology

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  • VEBIC V313

Future Reliable Electricity & Energy System Integration laboratory (FREESI-lab)

Facilities at FREESI-lab

  • Real time simulator (OPAL-RT)
  • PAC (protection, automation and communication) lab
  • Power electronics and microgrids
  • Battery cell testing
  • Cyber-physical security research environment
    • OPAL-RT real time simulator
    • Communication and simulation solutions: Exata
  • Sundom Smart Grid living lab

    freesi lab

    Research focus at FREESI-lab

    • Advanced ICT based protection, fault management and condition monitoring solutions
    • Testing and developing IEC 61850 based protection systems
    • Cyber-physical security & resiliency of energy networks
    • Information security, resilient time synchronization and robust connectivity in cyber-physical systems
    • Control of inverter interfaced DER
    • Hierarchical control and management of microgrids
    • Flexibility services, sector coupling
    • Energy communities & new market structures
    • Battery cell modelling
    • Battery energy storages in various applications
    freesi lab

    freesi lab

    Contact persons, FREESI-lab

    Kimmo Kauhaniemi
    Kimmo Kauhaniemi

    School of Technology and Innovations, Electrical Engineering

    • +358 29 449 8287
    • Fabriikki F467
    Hannu Laaksonen
    Hannu Laaksonen

    School of Technology and Innovations, Electrical Engineering

    • +358 29 449 8303
    • Fabriikki F471
    Heidi Kuusniemi
    Heidi Kuusniemi

    Digital Economy

    • +358 29 449 8504
    • Fabriikki F464