Pekka Valkama

Associate Professor (tenure track)

School of Management, Social and Health Management
+358 29 449 8099
Yliopistonranta 10, 65200 Vaasa
Fabriikki F317

Research profile

I am studying governance systems of publicly-funded services associated with the studies of digital economy. On the one hand, my recent research publications have analyzed how to make and maintain markets for public services through organizational and financial innovations. On the other hand, some of my studies have focused on the emergence of the new service economy and unbundling the stages and components of service processes through digital solutions. My approach to the issues of public governance is multidisciplinary as I am combining public policy studies, law studies, economics, and public administration studies.

Expert assignments and duties

I have worked as an expert in the World Bank Estonia Mission and the Finnish Market Court. Furthermore, I have received expert assignments, for example, from the UK Government Cabinet Office, the commerce committee of the Finnish Parliament, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Pöyry Environment Oy, Efektia Oy, the Trade Union of Education in Finland, and Finnish cities such as the cities of Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti.

Visiting fellowships

I have held visiting positions and worked as a visiting scholar or supervisor, for example, in the University of California, Berkeley, the Glasgow Caledonian University, the Kyoto University, the Ritsumeikan University and the Daito Bunka University.

Teaching profile

I have been carrying out lecture courses and managed seminars in public administration and local government studies in Finnish and East-Asian universities. The focus of teaching duties has been on the issues of public sector financial management until recently, when my newest teaching courses and seminars have started to focus on social and health management.

Selected recent research publications

Karlsson, Paula, Valkama, Pekka & Asenova, Darinka (2020) Risk management in Scottish charities: hidden practices and improvement needs in public service partnerships. Voluntary Sector Review 11(3), 275-292.

Valkama, Pekka, Oulasvirta, Lasse & Karppi, Ilari (2019) To Ally or Not? The Critical Factors of a New Alliance Model in Urban Infrastructure Projects. International Studies. Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal 24(2), 57-78.

Valkama, Pekka & Bailey, Stephen J. (2019) Pricing joint use of municpal services: theoretical perspectives and regulatory issues. Financial Accountability and Management, 35(1), 20-36.

Valkama, Pekka, Kankaanpää, Jari & Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko (2018) Financial and structural impacts of quasi-marketization of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area's bus services. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 6(2): 246-256.

Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko & Valkama, Pekka (2017) The role of localism in the development of regional structures in post-war Finland. Public Policy and Administration, 32(2), 152-172.

Valkama, Pekka, Asenova, Darinka & Bailey, Stephen J. (2016) Risk management challenges of shared public services: a comparative analysis of Scotland and Finland. Public Money and Management, 36(1): 31-38.

Publications and expert tasks

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