Juuso Vataja

University Lecturer

School of Accounting and Finance, Economics
+358 29 449 8515
Yliopistonranta 10, 65200 Vaasa
Fabriikki F327
Office Hours:
By agreement.

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Background: Ph.D. (1999, University of Vaasa). Since 1984 I have worked in various positions in University of Vaasa and became university lecturer in 2007. During my university career I have supervised over 100 master thesis in Economics.


Current teaching:

  • Introduction to Economics (with professor Panu Kalmi, Macroeconomics Part, first year students, in Finnish)
  • Macroeconomics I (bachelor level, in Finnish)
  • International Monetary Economics (bachelor level, in Finnish)
  • International Trade Theory (bachelor level, in Finnish)
  • Introduction to Empirical Research in Economics (with professor Panu Kalmi, bachelor level, in Finnish)
  • Supervision of bachelor and master thesis


My research interests consist of applied macro, international and financial economics. Most of my research is empirical.

Recent publications:

  • Petri Kuosmanen, Jaana Rahko & Juuso Vataja (2019). Predictive Ability of Financial Variables in Changing Economic CircumstancesNorth American Journal of Economics and Finance 47: 37-47.

  • Petri Kuosmanen & Juuso Vataja (2019). Time-varying Predictive Content of Financial Variables in Forecasting GDP Growth in the G-7 CountriesQuarterly Review of Economics and Finance 71: 211-222.
  • Juha Junttila & Juuso Vataja (2018). Economic Policy Uncertainty Effects for Forecasting Future Real Economic Activity. Economic Systems 42:4, 569-583.
  • Petri Kuosmanen & Juuso Vataja (2017). The Return of Financial Variables in Forecasting GDP Growth in the G-7Economic Change and Restructuring 50: 259-277.
  • Petri Kuosmanen, Nasib Nalbusi & Juuso Vataja (2015).Financial variables and economic activity in the Nordic countries. International Review of Economics & Finance Volume 37, May 2015, Pages 368-379.
  • Petri Kuosmanen & Juuso Vataja (2014). Predicting Economic Activity with Financial Market Data in a Small Open Economy: Revisiting Stylished Facts during Economic TurbulenceInternational Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics. Emerald Publishing. (217-234)
  • Petri Kuosmanen & Juuso Vataja (2014). Forecasting GDP Growth with Financial Market Data in Finland: Revisiting Stylized Facts in a Small Open Economy during the Financial CrisisReview of Financial Economics 23:2, 90-97.
  • Petri Kuosmanen & Juuso Vataja (2011). The Role of Stock Markets vs. the Term Spread in Forecasting Macrovariables in Finland. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 51, 124-132.
  • Seppo Pynnönen & Juuso Vataja (2002). Bootstrap Testing for Cointegration of International Commodity PricesApplied Economics 34: 5, 637-647.
  • On the Interdependence of Finnish and Swedish Newsprint Prices (2001). Finnish Economic Papers 14: 2, 120-130.
  • Should the Law of One Price be Pushed Away? Evidence from International Commodity Markets (2000). Open Economies Review 11: 4, 399-415.

Publications and expert tasks

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