Tommi Sottinen


PhD, Docent, Magister Terra Marique
School of Technology and Innovations, Mathematics
+358 29 449 8317
Yliopistonranta 10, 65200 Vaasa
Fabriikki F485
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Born 1973 (Hyvinkää), matriculation 1992 (Kouvolan Lyseon lukio), MSc in Stochastics 1998 (University of Helsinki), PhD in Applied Mathematics 2003 (University of Helsinki), University Lecturer of Financial Mathematics 2005 (University of Helsinki), Docent in Applied Mathematics 2006 (University of Helsinki),  Associate Professor of Financial Mathematics 2007 (Reykjavik University), Full Professor of Business Mathematics 2008 (University of Vaasa).

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I am an applied mathematician, probabilist, and statistician. My research interests include fractional, Gaussian, self-similar, and quadratic variation processes; stochastic analysis; statistics for stochastic processes; stochastic simulation; mathematical finance; and financial engineering.

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