Summer Schools

University of Vaasa offers our students possibilities to benefit from summer time by supporting exchange studies in Summer Schools organized by different universities abroad. Summer Schools are a great option for students who prefer not to spend an entire semester on exchange.

Summer Schools usually take place during June - August, and usually last from 2 weeks up to 1 month. Summer Schools focus on different themes and topics. By scanning through the selection of Summer Schools available you will be sure to find a Summer School that interests you and offers you a chance to develop the skills you need for your career.

Our partner universities have different criteria for students applying to Summer Schools. To most Summer Schools you can apply on your own. Make sure to apply before the Summer School deadline! Students are responsible for applying to Summer Schools following the guidelines given by host university for the application process.

Selecting Summer School

Please note that students apply to Summer Schools by themselves, following application instructions given by the university organizing the summer school. University of Vaasa does not sign up students for Summer Schools. Some universities require a nomination from University of Vaasa, but also after nomination the student would still be submitting their own application to hosting university of the Summer School.

Most Summer Schools have a tuition fee, but there are also Summer Schools that are free of charge.

If the Summer School has a tuition fee, it is paid by the student directly to the hosting university of the Summer School. University of Vaasa does not pay for the students for their tuition fees to Summer Schools.

You can apply for a Summer School Grant from University of Vaasa Mobility Services (see Grant).

Summer School destinations

 Summer Schools 2023 

Summer Schools list is being updated during Spring 2023.

Student pays the summer school fee directly to organizing university.
Ask from Mobility Services, if you have a possibility to get discount/ waiver from Summer School fee.



Application deadline



University of Gothenburg, Sweden 3 July – 4 August 2023 31 March 2023 7,5 ECTS No fee for partner university students
ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania 3 July – 20 July 2023 (online) 1 April 2023 6 ECTS 720 €
University of Pécs, Hungary 9 July – 22 July 2023 1 April 2023 6 ECTS 950 €
HWR Berlin, Germany 25 June - 22 July 2023 1 April 2023 6-9 ECTS 690 - 1 101 €

UDLAP. Meksiko

24 May - 20 June or 28 June - 25 July 2023 17 April 2023   44 940 MXN
Rennes School of Business, France between 23 May- 30 June (different programmes & times) 17 April/ 28 April/ 15 May 6 ECTS 1 050 € - 1 995 €
IÈSEG, France 3 July - 28 July 2023 30 April 6 ECTS 2 650 €
KEDGE Business School, France 5 June - 28 July 2023 30 April 2023 4 ECTS 500 € - 1 000 €
Roskilde University 14 August - 25 August 2023 10 May 2023 5 ECTS No fee for partner university students
Europa-Universität Viadrina, Germany 3 July - 14 July 2023 15 May 2023 10 ECTS 540 €

ISC Paris, France
> Summer School

26 June - 7 July 15 May 2023 6 ECTS 1 000 €
SDU, Denmark 7 August - 18 August 2023 1 May 2023 5 ECTS No fee for partner university students
EM Normandie, France 30 June - 13 July or 14 July - 27 July 2023 31 May 2023 6 ECTS 175 € - 1 175 €
Estonian Business School, Estonia 14 August - 17 August 2023 31 May 2023 6 ECTS 850€
TBS Education, France 12 June - 21 July 2023 9 June 2023 6 ECTS/ 24 ECTS 3 600 €


Students applying for a Summer School grant from University of Vaasa must be registered as attending and preferably have completed 30 ECTS / attended semester. Summer School should not affect the normative time for graduation and completion of a Bachelor's Degree in 3 years and Master's degree in 2 years.

Grant, duration of Summer School and required number of credits to be completed during summer school

  • Grant: 500 EUR
  • minimum 2 weeks (physically on location at Summer School destination)
  • minimum 5 ECTS/ 2 weeks of completed Summer School studies

Conditions to get and keep the grant are:

  • Credits completed at Summer School must be transferable and are transferred to your University of Vaasa degree
  • Course(s) completed at Summer School and their credit transfer are agreed upon in a Learning Agreement made before exchange
  • Miminum of 5 ECTS / 2 weeks are completed in Summer School
  • Student receives a Transcript of Records from Summer School and submits it both as attachment to credit transfer application and to Mobility Services after mobility

Applying for a grant before the Summer School

Please submit the following documents by email to Mobility Services to apply for Summer School Grant.

  • Learning Agreement (Please, return this before the Summer School starts.)
  • Study Grant for Summer School (Please, return this before the Summer School starts.)
  • Acceptance letter or e-mail from the Summer School (Please, return this before the Summer School starts.)
  • Letter of Confirmation (Please, return this after the Summer School ends.) 

Grants are not given for Summer Schools in Finland.

In case of cancellation, or if the exchange is interrupted with less than minimum time on location, or if the student fails to complete minimum nr of credits, or if the student fails to submit the above listed documents right after mobility, University of Vaasa may reclaim the grant in part or in total.