Wasa Future Festival (WFF) is a future-oriented festival organised in 7-10 August 2019 in Vaasa, Finland, by Wasa Innovation Center and InnoLab (University of Vaasa)

The festival brings together leading decision-makers, researchers, business experts, civil servants, journalists, young leaders, influencers and citizen to discuss and solve burning challenges of the future.

Festival's mission is to support proof-based decision-making and to contribute in creating innovative, inclusive and sustainable communities.

All the events are accessible, open and free to everyone.
The panels and other events are held in Finnish and Swedish or in English.

In 2019 the main themes are:

• Future cities and regions - how to build attractive, innovative and inclusive communities?
• Public Sector innovation and renewal: ethical, juridical and political challenges
• United States - politics, technology, leadership
• New Space Economy

In 2019 the event covers four days and brings over 60 speakers to the stage. This year the organising partners include ELY Centre Ostrobothnia (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Ostrobothnia) and Digital Economy (University of Vaasa).

Check the festival programme here

Facebook page of the event

The venue of the event:  Bock's Corner Village, Gerbyntie 18, Vaasa

More information: Mari K. Niemi, Director of InnoLab, University of Vaasa, tel. +358 29 449 8510, email: mari.k.niemi(at)uwasa.fi