Recognition of communication and language studies

The principles observed in the accreditation of communication and language studies are as
  • The language studies included in previous university studies compensate, as such, the
    studies related to language proficiency laid down by the Government Decree on University
  • The student must apply for accreditation as instructed by the Language Centre. 
  • The Language Centre processes applications concerning compulsory language and communication studies.
  • The Schools may accredit language and communication studies that are part of optional studies.
  • Even if the scope of the completed language studies differs from the number of credits allocated at the University of Vaasa, the credit transfer is registered for the student in accordance with the University of Vaasa’s curriculum.
  • As a rule, partial accreditation is not granted.
  • A student does not have to complete the second national language (Swedish or Finnish) study unit included in the degree if they have completed basic studies in Swedish or Scandinavian Languages or, correspondingly, in Finnish. Basic studies can demonstrate satisfactory proficiency, and intermediate studies good proficiency in the second national language, regardless of the final grade of the study module (Government Decree on the Demonstration of Proficiency in the Finnish and Swedish Languages in Civil Service (481/2003).)