Writing and information retrieval

In addition to reading, writing is one of the most important form of university studies. Writing assignments range from reports and lecture diaries to extensive essays and thesis writing at the end of studies/degrees.

The main purpose of writing is to communicate your thoughts, but it is also a good way to clarify your thinking and learn something new.

You should set aside time for writing, as a good end result always requires several writing sessions. The adaptive writing style is called process writing, in which the text is edited so many times that the end result is clear, understandable and consistent.

Scientific writing requires the ability to obtain information from a variety of sources. The importance of information retrieval skills is especially emphasised in the thesis. Often information retrieval is quite effortless and sometimes finding relevant information requires great effort. The most common sources of information are libraries, various databases, electronic sources of information and the Internet.

Practicing information retrieval skills is therefore included in the compulsory studies according to the new degree structures. The library staff will serve you with information retrieval problems related to your studies.

More information on information retrieval courses can be found on Tritonia's website under Services > Guidance and education > Information literacy education: University of Vaasa.