Aurangzeab Butt

Tekniikan ja innovaatiojohtamisen yksikkö, Tuotantotalous

Aurangzeab F. Butt is a lecturer of Project Portfolio Management at University of Vaasa. Focusing on strategic operations management, his research interest includes project business operations, learning organization, business strategy implementation, change management, operational capability development, circular economy, and digital transformation of industrial organizations. He has published in peer reviewed journals such as Long Range Planning, International Journal of Project Management, International journal of Managing Projects in Business, International Marketing Review, and Journal of Change Management.

Beside his teaching and research work at university of Vaasa, Aurangzeab Butt is a reputed practitioner of project, program, and portfolio management. During his +20 years of learnings in Energy, Marine, and Infrastructure development projects, he has worked with engineering, projects, and service operations management experts from fifty countries across the globe.

Aurangzeab earned his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore and his master's degree in industrial management and PhD in Industrial Management from University of Vaasa.


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