Publications (NeVS)

Latest dissertations (Industrial Management)

Industrial Management


28.1. Daniel Sahebi
Improving competitive advantage in 3PL companies in Iran


3.12. Moussa Ahmad
Developing Integration by evaluating Government Program for 2016–2019: Propositions for Decision Makers

13.1. Federica Polo
Valorizing Human Capital for dynamic organizations through the triad of training-competency models-participation


9.12. Heikki Ruohomaa
Ecosystem-based development in the transition of fourth industrial revolution

14.10. Beatrice Obule-Abila
Knowledge management approach for sustainable waste management: evolving a conceptual framework 

30.6. Sara Tilabi
"How to apply technology, knowledge and operations decision models for strategically sustainable resource allocation?"

3.3. Tapio Alho
Persoonallinen ajattelu päättelyssä ja päätöksenteossa


12.12. Aappo Kontu
Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Industrial Service Business

30.10. Shah Rukh Shakeel
Commercialization of Renewable Energy Technologies. A study of Socio-economic, Technical and Regulatory factors in Finland and Pakistan.

13.6. Stiina Vistbacka
”Työuran merkitykselliset tapahtumat ja kasvu johtajaksi sairaalaorganisaatiossa”

11.6. Leena Kunttu
”Learning practices in long-term university-industry relationships

5.6. Balaji Gopalan  
”A Study on Variables, Technology Facilitators and Measures of Value Co-creation for Management

26.4. Afnan Zafar
The Outsourcing Innovation Paradox: A Company’s Growth Option or a Risk to R&D Capabilities

26.2. Jaakko Sivusuo
Dynamic capabilities – Myth or real deal for sustaining competitive advantage


19.12. Houhala, Keijo
Arvonmuodostus yksityisen ja julkisen sektorin yhdyspinnoilla ja miten sitä tiedolla johdetaan.

27.6. Daneshpour, Hosein
Towards Sustainable Project Governance : A Multisystem and Multilevel Analysis

15.6. Ha-Vikström, Thanh
Measuring Leadership Behaviour in a Global Industry: Sand Cone Model of Transformational Leadership and People, Process and Goal Model

14.6. Einolander, Jarno
Strategic Assessment of Organizational Commitment

3.5. Shahzad, Khuram
Managing successful buyer-supplier relationships : Aligning the enabling roles of governance structure

9.2. Butt, Aurangzeab Farid
A longitudinal study of organizational capability development process : rendering project portfolio management capability (PPMC)