Annika Laine-Kronberg


Professor, PhD
School of Management, Strategic Management
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Ankkuri 3.floor

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About me

I was born in the Archipelago of Turku in 1975 and I defended my PhD thesis at Hanken School of Economics in 2006. Since 2007 I've been working at the School of Management in the University of Vaasa. From the 1st of November 2017 I am working as an EPANET-professor situated in Seinäjoki. My mother tongue is Swedish, and I am fluent in Finnish and English and I also speak German.

In both Hanken and the University of Vaasa I have been teaching various topics such as project management, entrepreneurship, business development and strategic management. I have developed web-based courses and been the responsible person for both Bachelor-level and Master-level programs related to management.

I have several publications in internationally highly ranked journals and I am an active member withing the IMP-group and the international coopetition-community.

I am also regularly educating businesses and organizations in conflict management, change management, strategic management and the growth of smes. I've been cooperating with for example hospitals, cities, theathres, insurance companies and schools.

I like travelling, playing floorball and I'm also painting street-brushes. I am married to an entrepreneur/CEO and we have got three kids.


I am currently teaching within the Equis accredited Masters programme in Strategic Business Development. The topics of my teaching is related to strategic management and project management. My lecturing is also related to coopetition, conflict management, and change management.


Myresearch interests are mainly related to coopetition, business networks, tensions, strategy-as-practice, CE and sustainability.

Please see Google Scholar for more information about my publications.

Here are some of my most relevant publications:

Tidström, A. (2018), "Coopetitive tenstions" in The Routledge Companion to Coopetition Strategies" ed by A.-S. Fernandez, P. Chiambaretto, F. Le Roy and W. Czakon. Routledge.

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Tidström, A. & Rajala, A. (2016) "Coopetition strategy as interrelated praxis and practices on multiple levels", Industrial Marketing Management, 58: 35-44.

Mattsson, L.-G. & Tidström, A. (2015) "Applying the principles of Yin Yang to market dynamics: On the duality of cooperation and competition", Marketing Theory, 15(3): 347-364.

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Tidström, A. & Hagberg-Andersson, Å. (2012) "Critical events in time and space when cooperation turns into competition in business relationships", Industrial Marketing Management, 41(2): 333-343.

Publications and expert tasks

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