Language courses and career guidance available for international talents

The University of Vaasa offers free language courses and career guidance for foreigners living in Finland. The aim is to support international talents outside the university to find their place in the Finnish society and work life.

Finnish, Swedish and English courses are available free of charge for international talents living in Finland via the SIMHE – Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education services. The registration is now open on the SIMHE webpage.

By joining these courses, you will gain essential language skills needed in everyday life in Finland. These skills are beneficial for anyone settling into the country, whether you have arrived for work, studies or for other reasons. Knowing the national languages will help you when interacting with others and be an asset when applying for a job on the Finnish job market. You will also get ECTS credits from completed studies.

The courses range from beginner level to pre-intermediate level. There are both online and onsite options.

SIMHE courses are not intended for degree students at the University of Vaasa since corresponding language studies are already available for them in their curricula.

Career guidance can help you find your path in Finland

SIMHE services also provide personal career guidance. Depending on your previous studies and career goals, the guidance can focus on how to enter higher education studies in Finland or how to find work here.

The aim of the service is to speed up integration, strengthen your competencies and help you to find work that matches your specific set of skills.

– No matter why a person arrives in Finland, their talent should always be utilised, says Specialist Kukka-Maaria Huhta-Koivisto from SIMHE services.


SIMHE services

SIMHE services have been available at the University of Vaasa since 2022 to support international talents especially in the Ostrobothnia region. Special efforts have been taken to support Ukrainians fleeing the war by offering them intensive Finnish courses during summer time and English courses starting from the very basics.

SIMHE services are provided nationally by several higher education institutions in Finland, coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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