Language Studies

The Language Centre Linginno offers language and communication expertise and functions as a language centre for all other Schools. The Language Centre offers specially designed language courses for students in economics, business administration, technology and administrative sciences. Courses are organised in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Russian, Spanish and French.

The Language Centre offers basic language courses especially designed for international students annually. A list of language courses available each semester and course descriptions are available online in the Language Centre handbook in Peppi (Chapter: Communication and Language Studies). Registration for the language courses is done in WebOodi.

International students are encouraged to complete at least some language courses in Finnish or Swedish to support their stay and studies in Finland and to enhance their integration into the Finnish society.

Language courses are based on intensive teaching and learning, and they require active participation in the lectures and exercises. All teachers brief their students on attendances and compensation for absences in the beginning of their courses.

A good way to get to know new people and new languages is The Language Buddy Programme. The Language Buddy Programme is arranged in cooperation with the student union and the Language Centre. The aim is to promote the students intercultural awareness and to develop their interpersonal skills. The students will learn of a language and its culture, improve their communication skills, get to know a person with a different first language than one´s own and different cultural background, get insights into their own language learning process, learn to learn a language, learn about teaching a language.