How can migrants' skills be put to use in South Ostrobothnia? SIMHE guidance available in Seinäjoki

SIMHE guidance services are open to all immigrants with a university degree or upper secondary degree. Guidance helps them to find work or education that matches their expertise in Finland.

The University of Vaasa will offer SIMHE Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education services in Seinäjoki this spring. The aim is to facilitate and speed up the employment of immigrants with higher education degree in South Ostrobothnia, and help those with secondary education to find suitable higher education options.

SIMHE guidance helps when the customer's goal is to find employment in their own field, to apply to a higher education institution, or to obtain the qualifications required for their field in Finland.

When a person arrives to Finland as an adult, they usually already have education and career experience. SIMHE guidance can help to understand what kind of career paths they can achieve with their existing education, and how they can supplement their skills. Guidance can also be provided in matters related to applying to a higher education institution.

SIMHE services are available regularly this spring in Seinäjoki, at MONI-Info. In the autumn, the intention is to pilot group guidance, where participants would receive peer support for job searching.

Guidance services started in 2022

The University of Vaasa has been one of the higher education institutions responsible for SIMHE services since 2022. In 2022-2023, more than 300 customers participated in personal guidance. The SIMHE activities have also included free Finnish, Swedish and English courses as well as mentoring. Ukrainians fleeing war have been offered special support, such as targeted language courses.

The University of Vaasa offers SIMHE services in Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia. For the South Ostrobothnia region, guidance and language courses have been available via remote connections and there has been cooperation with networks in the region. Now, with the support of the University Consortium of Seinäjoki, the presence and visibility of SIMHE services in South Ostrobothnia will be increased. Read more on the SIMHE services webpage.


SIMHE pop-ups at MONI-info, Seinäjoki

  • 17 May 2024 at 14–16
  • 13 June 2024 at 14–16

No appointment needed.

Address: MONI-info, Vapaudentie 83, 60100 Seinäjoki (2nd floor).

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