Finnish, Swedish and English courses available for international talents

Are you an international talent living in Finland? Are you eager to learn the local languages? You can now apply for our free courses that will start in January 2024. This opportunity is offered for those who do not have access to equivalent courses as part of their studies.

Several Finnish, Swedish and English courses will be offered in spring 2024 via the SIMHE – Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education services. The application is now open on the SIMHE webpage.

The courses range from beginner to pre-intermediate level. By joining these courses, you will gain essential language skills needed in everyday life in Finland. These skills are beneficial for anyone settling into the country, whether you have arrived for work, studies or for other reasons.

Knowing the national languages will help you when interacting with locals and be an asset when applying for a job on the Finnish job market. As a novelty, we offer the Finnish as a Foreign Language 4 course that focuses on the language you will need when applying for work. This course is useful for those who have already achieved at least A2.2. level Finnish skills but need more practice to use Finnish in professional situations.

Most of the courses are interactive online courses – you will have a professional language teacher to guide you and a group to practice with. The learning activities are designed so that you get a lot of practice with your peers. You will also get ECTS credits from completed studies.

The SIMHE Finnish courses are not intended to students at the University of Vaasa since they already have corresponding studies available for them in their curricula.

SIMHE – Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education services

SIMHE – Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education services have been available at the University of Vaasa since 2022 to support international talents especially in the Ostrobothnia region. In addition to language courses, the service offers free career and study guidance. The goal is to help educated immigrants to get their expertise and skill potential into use in Finland.

Learn more about SIMHE guidance for immigrants and book an appointment for personal career guidance. You can also come and meet SIMHE representatives at Vaasa Welcome Office, Teräksenkuja 1, 65100 Vaasa, on the 7th of November 2023 and the 5th of December at 2–4 PM 

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