Syksyn startti Mini Fair

Syksyn startti
The Mikä neuvoksi project organizes Syksyn startti Mini Fair on Thursday 23 September in Tervahovi building, Mathilda lobby.

The purpose of the event is to make the University's actors and organizations visible to all students of the University of Vaasa – regardless of the starting year! At the same time, the aim is to create life and action on campus, to which many students have been looking forward to returning.

Are you, for example, interested in the activities of the FSHS or University's Sports Services, or would you like to learn more about what a Study Psychologist or University Chaplain does? Among others, these actors are involved in the Mini Fair to present their operation and answer your questions.

Mikä neuvoksi provides hot coffee and tea at the event, so you are welcome to stop by and enjoy a cup!

More information, such as a more detailed list of participating organizations, will be released next week. Information will be found on the event’s Facebook page and on the Mikä neuvoksi website. Stay tuned!

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