Self-study spaces on campus

Itseopiskelutilat kampuksella - Self study spaces on campus
Would you like to study on campus in the evenings or are you looking for a space where you can study independently between your lectures?

Students can use any of the classrooms in the Tervahovi and Fabriikki buildings for individual study. There are also dedicated self-study and group-study rooms on campus. 

Students can use the classrooms in the Tervahovi and Fabriikki buildings for individual study, Mon-Fri 8:00-20:45 (Tervahovi) and Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00 (Fabriikki), at times when the classrooms are not booked for teaching or other events. 

In addition, the corridor next to the lobby of restaurant Mathilda in the Tervahovi building has two group-study rooms and three self-study rooms. On the first floor of Tervahovi there is also a learning environment consisting of five classrooms and an open lounge area for students.

The Tritonia Academic Library has around 200 places for studying that can be freely used by students during the library opening hours. In addition, the library has 7 group-study rooms, which are booked in advance using your library card, for a maximum of 2 hours. The quiet study room L220 can be found on the second floor of the library and is a dedicated space where students can study and spend time.

University of Vaasa students can also get an access key to make use of the Tritonia Academic Library facilities outside the library opening hours.

For more information about self-study rooms, computer rooms and photocopiers, as well as e.g. the numbering of the classrooms, see the university’s Students webpages, under Facilities.

For more information about the facilities at the library, see the Tritonia website, under Services > Facilities.

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