On the campus area in Palosaari, old factory buildings and modern university facilities coexist in harmony. A beautiful seaside park surrounds the campus buildings.

See the Welcome to our beautiful campus page for information about e.g. getting to the university campus, travel connections to Vaasa and within Vaasa and also a map of the campus area and building opening hours. Floor plans for individual buildings are available in the Tuudo app.

Please do not come on campus if you feel unwell

Buildings on the Palosaari campus

The former cotton mill buildings Fabriikki, Technobothnia, Konttori and Puuvillatalo represent the history of the campus area.

Fabriikki is an old factory building which now houses

  • the School of Technology and Innovations
  • part of the School of Management
  • part of the School of Marketing and Communication
  • a service centre of Education Services, Admission Services and Mobility Service
  • lecture and self-study rooms
  • information desk
  • student restaurant Erkki
  • office of the student association Warrantti.

The Technobothnia building used to serve as a weaving mill, but now it is a high-tech laboratory for research and education that houses

  • laboratories
  • other teaching facilities
  • computer classrooms
  • offices of almost all of the student associations.

The Open University has offices in the Konttori building that also used to house the office and management of the former cotton mill.

Of the new campus buildings, the main building Tervahovi is the home of

  • the School of Accounting and Finance
  • part of the School of Management
  • part of the School of Marketing and Communication
  • a service centre of Education Services
  • the largest auditoria on campus: Levón, Wolff and Kurtén
  • the EXAM room for electronic exams
  • other teaching facilities
  • self-study rooms
  • information desk
  • facilities of ICT Management
  • student restaurant Mathilda
  • CampusVOAS.

The new Tritonia Academic Library has opened in the renovated Luotsi building.

The student union house Domus Bothnica has the offices of the Student Union staff and the Student Union service office on its 1st floor.

There is a fenced construction site around Ankkuri (the old Academic Library building). More information on the campus development website.

Main entrance of Fabriikki overlooking the sea
A Technobothnia sign on the roof of the old factory building
The marble gate in front of the main entrance to Tervahovi
Student union house Domus Bothnica by the sea
The Academic Library Tritonia pictured from the Wolffintie side.

Rules for the use of facilities

When in the university facilities, good manners and general cleanliness should be observed.

Smoking is prohibited indoors. Smoking is permitted only outdoors in assigned smoking areas. This applies to electronic cigarettes as well.

No pets are allowed in the university facilities.

Room numbers

Each room on campus has its own code that consists of letters and numbers.

The letter indicates the building or the part of the building the room is located according to the nearest entrance. The first number after the letter indicates the floor the room is on.

Note: The main entrance of the Tervahovi building is located on the 2nd floor.

Letter codes of the buildings
Letter Building
A, B, C, D Tervahovi (according to the nearest entrance)
F Fabriikki
K Ankkuri
TF Technobothnia
L Luotsi (Tritonia Acedemic Library)

Teaching facilities

The teaching facilities are located in the Tervahovi, Fabriikki, Technobothnia and Tritonia buildings.


The university’s largest auditoria Levón, Wolff and Kurtén and other auditoria for 16 to 50 people are located in the main building Tervahovi. There are also several self-study rooms on the 1st floor of Tervahovi.

Students can use all teaching spaces in the Tervahovi (8–20.45) building for individual study, at times when they are not booked for teaching or other events.


The Fabriikki building accommodates 23 lecture rooms that seat 12 to 124 people. Students can use all teaching spaces in the Fabriikki (8–18) building for individual study, at times when they are not booked for teaching or other events.


Technobothnia provides laboratories, computer rooms and other teaching facilities for research and education.

Self-study rooms

Students can use all teaching spaces in the Tervahovi (8–20.45) and Fabriikki (8–18) buildings for individual study, at times when they are not booked for teaching or other events. The campus has also both self-study and group-study rooms for students.

The corridor next to the lobby of restaurant Mathilda in the Tervahovi building has two group-study rooms and three self-study rooms. Group-study rooms are booked electronically in Outlook. More information: IT-Services > Instructions > Student room booking in Outlook.

On the first floor of Tervahovi there is also a new, modern learning environment consisting of five classrooms and an open lounge area. The area reserved for group work and self-study contains couches and a vending machine with soft drinks.

Students gathered around a round table

Computer rooms

Computer rooms are located in the Fabriikki building (rooms F265, F351A and F351B) and the Tervahovi building (rooms B107).

More computer rooms are available in Technobothnia.


There are multifunction photocopiers on campus for student use. The photocopiers can be used for photocopying, scanning and printing. The photocopiers can be found in Tervahovi and Fabriikki buildings, as well as at the library in the Luotsi building.


To use a photocopier, you need to buy a photocopying card. They are for sale at the customer service desk in the library. The photocopying cards are marked with a Tritonia stamp on the back.

All photocopiers can be used to print duplex copies, but only the printer located in Tervahovi can print colour copies. You can also use the photocopiers to scan documents. You need a copying card to be able to scan, but scanning does not reduce your copying balance.

If you have any problems with the photocopiers or the paper has run out, contact the facility services at the information desk of the building in question. If you have any other issues, please contact the IT Services.


You can send print jobs to the photocopiers in Tervahovi and Fabriikki from the computer labs next to them using your print quota.

To print using the multifunction photocopier in the library, you must use your own computer or mobile device. There is a charge for printing.

Location of the photocopiers

  • In Tervahovi, 1st floor outside the room B107 (self-study room 2)
  • In Fabriikki, 3rd floor outside the room F351
  • 1st floor of the library